New slot – Cloud Quest by Play N Go plus big win video

Slot developer Play N Go recently released a new slot called Cloud Quest.

Unlike ordinary slot machines, this slot does not have spinning reels as such. Instead there is a 5 x 5 grid showing the symbols. A win is triggered by matching at least three symbols horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The winning combination is then removed from the grid and the remaining symbols tumble down (if applicable). On a win, the middle symbol turns wild and remains and tumbles on the screen.

The features can be triggered two ways.

The first way is by clearing the “bonus” line. Once that is done, you get up to 17 free spins on a 3 reel slot with a win potential of 100x bet.

The second way is via the wheel that is displayed on the right hand side of the slot. For each winning combination containing the special symbol, a segment of the wheels is lit up. The wheel at the end of the tumble then spins and if it lands on the lit symbol, one of the four features is triggered.

If the whole of the screen is cleared, a prize of 500x bet is awarded. If this were to happen during the 5x win feature on the wheels, the maximum pay out of 2,500x bet is achieved.

The slot has great potential as the below video shows. I had a great win at Videoslots casino clearing the screen for a £500 win. However, big wins are not given very often by the slot but it is not a balance drainer either with small wins very often awarded, keeping the balance ticking along nicely. I would say it is therefore a medium variance game.

Cloud Quest can be played at any of the following casinos that we recommend:

Maria Casino:

Unibet Casino:

Videoslots Casino:

Three more sessions on Dead or Alive

Three more sessions at Videoslots and Unibet and the theme of recent posts continues.

The first of three sessions was played with the cashback money earned at Videoslots casino. A total of £26.98 was played through lasting 1,507 spins at £0.09 minimum bet. Bonus rounds were given at a lower than average rate of one every 188 spins. Nothing else to note as the below table shows:

The second session kicked off with a £25 deposit at Unibet casino. With a combination of £0.18 and £0.09 spins the money lasted a total of 1,727 spins with a total of just the 9 bonus rounds played through (one every 191 spins on average – very disappointing):

The final of the three sessions was, once again, at Videoslots. A £300 deposit was made and with just over £50 still to play with, a total of 5,400 spins at £0.45 and £0.27 bets were made. During this play, the slot gave out 36 bonus rounds (one every 150 spins on average) with two of them paying out decently as the below video clip shows. total RTP for this session was 88.6%

Off to play now with the remainder of the money topped up with some race money earned during last week’s play.

Three more session on Dead or Alive slot – over 10,000 spins

With the idea in mind that the slot surely is going to give soon, a substantial deposit was made at Videoslots casino that lasted 6,631 spins during which almost £1,800 was wagered through. During these spins a total of 39 bonus rounds were granted by the slot with the overall RTP for the session ending up at 82.9%. There were 3 bonus rounds that paid over 100x bet size. A bonus round was trigged every 170 spins on average which seems to be very close to my overall average for this game.

The second session was played with a smaller deposit, and therefore much smaller stakes, at Unibet casino. The session had an RTP of 86.6% with a total of 1,703 spins. During these spins, the bonus round was triggered 10 times with the best of the bunch captured on Bandicam. It returned 293x the bet size with plenty of wilds filling the screen:

The final of the three sessions was back at Videoslots casino, this time with no money to be deposited because of cash back that was earned during last week’s play. The £22.21 lasted a very respectable 2,392 spins with the balance at some point peaking at over £60 thanks to this wonderful bonus round that paid 501x the bet size of £0.09:

During this session a total of 17 bonus round were given by the slot (once every 140 spins on average) with the overall RTP sitting at 94.9%.

Now for some rather depression news. Since my last wild line that appears to have happened ages ago, a total of 57,693 spins have been made and 359 bonus rounds played through!!!

Dead or Alive slot – a new low

Played a couple more sessions last night and “not very good” is perhaps the correct polite term to use to sum them up.

The first of the two sessions was at Unibet casino where £25 was deposited. The session did not last very long – just the 743 spins returning just 66%. A disappointing 3 bonus rounds were handed out by the slot (one every 247 spins on average):

The second deposit was made at Casumo casino simply because there was a 50% match bonus meaning that the €25 instantly turned into €37.50. And a good thing that was too because the session wasn’t a very good one with bonus rounds very far and few between. As a matter of fact, it has now been 1,200 spins without a bonus round – a very new disappointing low since playing this slot!

Luck surely is going to turn soon?

Two more sessions on Dead or Alive slot – we’re still waiting…

The first of the two sessions was at Unibet casino were a 25% deposit match was on offer. A deposit of £25 therefore instantly turned into £31.25 play money. This lasted a total of 1,111 spins with very few bonus rounds – just the 4 meaning that they triggered every 277 spins on average. The total RTP for the session was 80.1%:

Second deposit was at Videoslots casino where £75 was played through via means of 2,627 spins with a total of 18 bonus rounds given by the slot (one every 145 spins on average). The total RTP for this session was just 77.6%:

Some cashback and race money earned at Videoslots will be played through today in the hope that it will trigger the wild line that – statistically speaking – must be due very soon, if not overdue already.

7,000 spin monster session on Dead or Alive slot

What a great session it was. A total of almost 7,000 spins on various bet sizes on a total net deposit of just £55 with money still left to play with in due course.

The session began with a £25 deposit at Unibet casino. From the word go the machine was on fire so to speak and during the 120 spins that I played at the casino a total of 3 bonus rounds were played. The last of these paid a very satisfying 530x bet as was captured via Bandicam and posted on our Youtube channel:

Total money at that point in time stood at £120 so it was time to cash that out and play it (with a little extra) at Videoslots casino. The reason for this is that whilst Unibet is a very good casino (they are recommended here on our website – see our review), there are no extra incentives such as cashback or race money.

A few minutes later and £150 was deposited at Videoslots casino. This lasted 2,841 spins at bet sizes of £0.45, £0.27, £0.18 and £0.09. There were a total of 20 bonus rounds (one every 142 spins – very respectable) with plenty of 5 of a kind win lines during normal play too. Total RTP for this session was 79.4%:


A further deposit of £150 was then made at Videoslots and just 600 spins later the balance grew to £270 thanks to 6 bonus rounds and four times 5 of a kind line wins during normal play. The best of the bonus rounds paid 153x bet:

£150 was withdrawn from the account onto the debit card and the remainder of just under £107 was played through on bet sizes varying between £0.09 and £0.45. I ended the session with £37.86 still in the account. A total of 3,403 spins were made with 16 bonus rounds awarded by the slot (one every 212 spins on average). Three of these bonus rounds paid over 100x bet size with the last one that was played at £0.09 a spin paying a very respectable 262x bet size.

In addition to the game wins, there was also a surprise win of £53 due to 5 free spins that were awarded by the casino. Following suggestions made on the excellent Casinomeister forum, the casino gave its users the option to reset all of the achievements that are granted for each completed slot set. This in turn resulted that these can be collected from fresh with awards granted on the way. One of these awards was 5 free spins at £0.90 stake, the very 1st of which paid the £53:

This is how play progressed over the 3,403 spins:

So there you have it, a monster session of 6,964 spins during which 45 bonus rounds were played (once every 154 spins on average) with two of these resulting in the extra 5 spins because at least one wild was on one each of the reels during the bonus spins.

Total RTP for this very enjoyable session was total deposits of £325 minus £270 withdrawn from the casino minus £37.86 end balance  equals a total loss of £17.14 over a total wagering amount of £2,269.09 which in turn results in a return to player percentage of a very respectable 99.2% – the best session I ever had on the slot other than the mega big win ones. This was, of course, aided by the £53 win during the free spins.

Let’s see what the remainder of the money is going to turn into, if anything at all!!

Three more sessions on Dead or Alive

Over the past 4 days or so, a total of 3 further sessions were played on the Netent slot Dead or Alive both at Videoslots and Unibet casino.

The first of the three sessions was with cashback money credited into the Videoslots account totalling £11.01. This money lasted a very good 1,299 spins and 14 bonus rounds with frequent 5 of a kind paying symbols too. The session RTP was a very respectable 90.6%:

The second of 3 sessions was played with a deposit of £25 at Unibet casino. Added to the odd pence already sitting in the account, a total of 1,655 spins were made with a very respectable and pleasing 17 bonus rounds given by the slot (one every 97 spins on average). Total RTP for the session was a not too shabby 84%:

The final session was played with race money earned during the weekly race completion at Videoslots casino. A total of £25.05 was played through which lasted 1,348 spins in a mixture of bet sizes. Total number of bonus rounds was a very disappointing 4 (or one every 337 spins on average!) with a sheriff badge win during normal play effectively keeping the session going. Despite the low number of bonus rounds, overall RTP was still an acceptable 86.6%:

Two different sessions of Dead or Alive slot play

Made a couple more deposits at two casinos over the past few days with two totally different results.

The first deposit was for £150 that lasted a massive 6,857 spins at Videoslots casino. The RTP for the session was an impressive 91.9% with a total of 47 bonus rounds with the best of them paying 474x bet as the below video shows:

The other deposit was just the £25 at Unibet casino that lasted a very poor 755 spins with just the 4 bonus rounds. Total RTP for this session was a paltry 74.4%. Very forgettable indeed!

Dead or Alive – another mega win!

Well would you believe it (as Victor Meldrew would say), the Netent slot Dead or Alive is being very kind to me today.

Some 2,000 or so spins after the 5 scatter win that paid 2,500x stake, a wild line dropped in during a bonus round whilst playing at £0.09 a spin at Unibet casino.

As always, Bandicam made a recording of the bonus round:

Fancy your luck playing at Unibet?

Three Dead or Alive sessions played on 12th September 2015

Three casinos, three sessions on the Netent slot Dead or Alive with the same result – no significant wins.

The first of the three sessions was at Guts Casino. The money played through was free thanks to winnings on 10 free spins on Starburst (£0.90) and 55 free spins on Dead or Alive. Total starting point was therefore £5.85.

This lasted a total of 325 spins (RTP of 80%) with 5 bonus rounds paying an average of 11x bet. No big winning pay lines during normal play.

Play through was as follows:

A few click with the mouse later, and Unibet casino was loaded into the web browser. A deposit of £25 started off pretty well with one bonus round paying 130x bet. This luck didn’t last very long and the session lasted a total of 801 spins on a mixture of £0.18 and £0.09 bets. A very disappointing 2 bonus rounds in total during the session with a low overall RTP of just 72.4%:

The final of the three sessions was at Videoslots with free money thanks to cashback and race money. 566 spins later and we’re still awaiting the win line: