Twitch is finally banning some casinos

And it is about time too. Finally popular streaming platform Twitch has announced that it is banning certain casinos from being streamed in the casino section.

According to their Tweet posted on the 20th September 2022, casinos such as,, and will no longer be allowed as a platform to promote gambling activities.

Irresponsible streamers such as the “Twat with the hat”, the Trainwreck person, unclassy Beef et al will now no longer be able to play their $1m fake money deposits, playing at $1,000 spins and doing $50,000 bonus buys like that is the normal thing to do.

Fact is, that this kind of play is not just only unrealistic, it certainly does not compute with any responsible gambling ethics casinos are meant to promote.

The audience these irresponsible streams are aimed at, are the younger audience. An audience that will never be able to afford the kind of play that is being displayed. Those that can indeed afford to play these insane high stakes are not very likely to plonk themselves in front of a screen to watch somebody gambling. I am sure that they have more important things to do!

As for the casinos that sponsor these irresponsible streamers, you are complicit in all of this. You are part of the problem. Will you now change your heart and stop sponsoring these streamers now that they no longer will be able to stream on Twitch? Or will you continue to feed them when they move their streaming activity elsewhere?

Perhaps now the Twitch casino section will get back to how it used to be. Some gamblers streaming their slot play, where £2 spins was considered highrolling.

Time will tell…..

Link to Twitch twitter feed:

Slot streaming again commencing June 2019

I am pleased to inform all of my readers that I am planning to stream my slot play again on both my Twitch and Youtube channels commencing the middle of June 2019 when time allows!

The format of the streams will not change. Relatively low deposits with low stake slot play. You will not see me doing crazy high stakes that appear to be the norm these days on the various slot channels on Twitch. Instead, you will see me play the slots at stakes between £0.60 and £2 depending on the size of the available balance.

Of course, the chat room is available for your enjoyment and I will, as always, accept slot requests providing that I like the slot of course!

So keep an eye out for my next post in the coming week containing the weekly schedule.

See you all soon!

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule for week commencing 2nd October 2017

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

Another week and we are going to have some more fun on the slots. Streaming will be as follows:

  • Tuesday 3rd October from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Wednesday 4th October from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Thursday 5th October from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Friday 6th October from 08:30 until 12:00 and then from 00:00 until 04:00

As always, slot play will mainly be at Winning Room and Novibet casinos with starting balances varying between £300 and £900 depending on whether play is with or without a bonus.

The streams can be watched on either Youtube or Twitch and respectively subscribing and following me will ensure that you will not miss a minute of the action.

My streams are known for relatively low rolling and a friendly and very interactive chat room. I do take a lot of slot requests so if you want me to play any slot in particular ( and I do like it!!! ) then it will be played.

Here is hoping for a good week and some decent cash outs.

See you all next week and let the slots be happy for you guys and gals.

One off Slot Stream on Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Next Stream 23/05/2017

Be ready for a one off stream this Tuesday 23rd May 2017 starting at 08:30 UK time. Play will be at Novibet casino starting with a healthy £200 to kick the session off.

The intention is to get through as many bonuses on mainly the Microgaming slots such as Immortal Romance, Finer Reels of Life, Playboy, Dragonz, Jurassic Park and Thunderstruck II. All of these slots have bonuses that get unlocked as you progress through them. At the end of the progressing bar, the player is then finally able to select the desired bonus from a selection of four different ones. It takes about 20 or so bonus rounds on each of these slots to achieve this.

£200 is a healthy balance but you will not see me playing at £0.90+ because the bank roll is just not big enough to get what we aim to achieve. Betting will therefore sit between £0.30 and £0.60 depending on the state of the balance.

I really do look forward to this stream. I kind of missed the streaming of slots. Recent decent wins on some of the Novomatic slots has given me a very decent bank roll once I start streaming good and proper again probably towards the end of July / start of August.

You can watch the stream live this Tuesday 23rd May commencing at 08:30 in the morning via either Twitch or Youtube. Following me on Twitch or subscribing on my Youtube channel (or do both of course, I don’t really mind!) ensures that you get notification when the stream goes live.

I can’t guarantee big wins or not going bust, but I can guarantee you good viewing time, the occasional swear word or two thrown in, and a lively interactive chat.

See you all on Tuesday! and the view bots in the Casino section

Twitch viewbots

Those familiar with the Twitch Casino section know the frustration of seeing channels listed that have in excess of 1,000 viewers. Whilst there are genuine channels that have this number of viewers, it is safe to say that most of these channels have these numbers because they use so called view bots.

Recently, Twitch has taken action against these channels that were using view bots to boost their viewers. Channels have finally been closed down, it resulting in the genuine channels again taking correct rank in the listing.

So why do these streamers use view bots? Having a high number of viewers ensures that the channel is listed first in the respective directory. It shows that the stream is popular with active chat, so the tendency for visitors is to go into that stream. But those viewers will be bitterly disappointed when their chat messages are not replied to, or if the chat consists of automated messages transmitted by the view bots.

Streamers that use these bots in the Casino section may also be under the false impression that it will result in a fast ticket to partnership. Little do they know that Casino streamers are not legible for partnership, so their investment in the bot software will never see a proper return.

All that these fake streamers want to do is get quick affiliate commission by hoping that viewers click on the links to the respective casino or casinos. The links are prominently displayed underneath the stream with little or no information about the streamer or the channel.

So how do you know if a streamer is using view bots? Clicking on the respective channel and seeing the number of followers gives a good clue. Some of the fake channels had 200 followers, yet had in excess of 2,000 viewers. This is neigh on possible and it is the first clue that a view bot programme is artificially boosting the numbers.

The second clue can be found by clicking on the viewers list. Look at the names and you see patterns forming. Usernames are not genuine with most of them ending with numbers.

The final clue is simply observing the chat. Some of the cheaper view bot programmes don’t make chat messages so if the chat is empty, yet there are hundreds or thousands of viewers, there surely is something amiss. Equally, view bots are easily spotted because they repeat the messages if they are capable of participating in chat.

So the best thing to do when spotting a streamer that you suspect uses view bots, is to report it to Twitch via the button at the bottom right of the stream.

To know for sure if a channel is genuine and free of view bots, please refer to the excellent Casinogrounds website that lists a lot of the genuine streamers on their home page. A schedule of their forthcoming streams is shown on the right hand side for easy reference.

Off course, not all of the streamers are listed on Casinogrounds but it is not too difficult to spot the genuine ones if you take the above mentioned tips into consideration.

Happy casino viewing on Twitch!

Taking a very long break from playing slots

Well the time finally arrived when slot playing was not fun any longer so it is time to take a very long break from playing online slots.

Viewers of my streams may have  noticed that deposits were disappearing very fast. There were distinct lack of bonuses and game play was terrible. You accept when you make your deposit that it is considered lost, but in return you do expect the deposit to last.

It was the last straw that broke the camels back so to speak. As the slogan goes, if the fun stops, stop! and that is what I did.

I closed all of my casino accounts to stop the temptation to log in and try again.

I will definitely miss the streaming part of playing slots. I have very good memories of the many streams I broadcasted. I appreciate every viewer watching me play slots because you the viewer always have a choice of watching a number of channels. I felt very privileged having so many loyal viewers tuning in each time.

I also thank all of the kind viewers that put their hand in their pockets and made donations.

At the start, I really enjoyed playing slots. I was extremely lucky to hit almost £5,000 of winnings over a 3 weeks period playing Dead or Alive. I had good play time, big hits and a nice trip to Malta to boot courtesy of a competition win at Videoslots Casino.

But it went downhill at the start of this year. Lady luck disappeared and so did the previous mentioned winnings plus some.

Thankfully I recognised that if I continued to play it was going to go downhill very fast. I never exceeded the budget I set and only gambled away money that I could afford to lose. But just thinking about what that money could have bought was the final straw. I am left with good memories that will last a life time which I considered value for money at the point that I stopped donating more money to the casino so to speak. Streaming my slot play helped me gain those memories. I shared the ups and downs of playing slots which I hope my viewers appreciated.

This post also serves as a good reminder of the potential dangers of online gambling. You can easily get carried away. Please take note of the following tips:

• Don’t see gambling as a means to earn a living
• Always gamble with money that you can afford to lose
• Never chase losses
• Set a money limit
• Set a time limit
• Gamble only when you are in the right frame of mind
• Don’t have gambling as an exclusive hobby
• Gambling and alcohol- and drug use don’t mix

and if you want any further professional help, the following two organisations are a very good starting point (please click on the respective logos to go to their website):

Gamcare     Gambleaware

Will I be back to streaming again? Who knows what the future holds. If I am, you will hear it hear first!!!

Take care and be lucky on the slots!

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule for w/c 20th March 2017

Slotplayer streaming scheduleJust the two days steaming this week due to work commitments. Join me if you can on either Twitch or Youtube as per this weeks streaming schedule:

Monday 20th March 2017 at 08:30 hrs

Saturday 25th March 2017 at 13:00 hrs

All times quoted are UK time and each of the streams is expected to last for approximately 4 hours depending on how the bank roll goes.

Let’s see if we can beat or at least meet the performance of the week just gone. On Friday and Saturday, a £250 deposit resulted in a withdrawal of £1,600.

Please make sure to follow me on Twitch or subscribe to my Youtube channel (or both of course!) to get notified of any live streams. Alternatively, you may visit Casinogrounds for an up to date schedule of mine and that of other popular casino streamers.

See you all on Monday and Saturday. I, for one, am really looking forward to it!.

Slotplayer streaming schedule for w/c 13th March 2017

Slotplayer on Twitch and YoutubeAnd we’re back to streaming again on both Twitch and Youtube.

Join me if you can on Friday 17th March 2017 starting at 08:30 UK time until approximately 12 noon.

The second stream of the week will be held on Saturday 18th March 2017 starting at 13:00 UK time and will last until the money is gone or 22:00 whichever comes first!

There will be a large range of slots played by Netenent, WMS, Microgaming, Red Tiger and many more. As always, viewers will have input and slot suggestions are always taken into consideration.

The stream can be followed live on both Twitch and Youtube:

Twitch =

Youtube =

See you on Friday or Saturday or both days!

Happy slotting.

Streaming schedule for w/c 3rd October 2016

I will be streaming as follows week commencing 3rd October 2016:

  • Monday 3rd October 2016 at 08:30 UK time
  • Saturday 9th October 2016 at 13:00 UK time

Look out for any free spin giveaways that may happen during any of the streams. In order to be able to enter these giveaway raffles you require:

  • To be a follower of my Twitch Channel
  • Must have earned at least 5 points watching my Twitch streams
  • Have an account at Videoslots casino

If you’ve made deposit of at least £20 over the past 7 days at Videoslots casino, the number of spins that can be won get doubled!

You can catch my stream on either Twitch or Youtube.

As always, I will be playing on Videoslots Casino, simply because if you’re lucky enough to win you know that the money will be with you very fast. That is in addition to the other benefits you get playing at the casino, such as: weekly cash back, weekly casino race, daily free roll battles and much more.

Streaming schedule for w/c 26th September 2016

Following a two week break, I will be back to streaming again week commencing 26 September 2016 with streams scheduled as follows:

  • Friday 30th September 2016 at 08:30 hrs
  • Saturday 1st October 2016 at 13:00 hrs

Times given are, as always, UK times.

You can catch my stream on either Twitch or Youtube.

As always, I will be playing on Videoslots Casino, simply because if you’re lucky enough to win you know that the money will be with you very fast. That is in addition to the other benefits you get playing at the casino, such as: weekly cash back, weekly casino race, daily free roll battles and much more.