Slot streaming again commencing June 2019

I am pleased to inform all of my readers that I am planning to stream my slot play again on both my Twitch and Youtube channels commencing the middle of June 2019 when time allows!

The format of the streams will not change. Relatively low deposits with low stake slot play. You will not see me doing crazy high stakes that appear to be the norm these days on the various slot channels on Twitch. Instead, you will see me play the slots at stakes between £0.60 and £2 depending on the size of the available balance.

Of course, the chat room is available for your enjoyment and I will, as always, accept slot requests providing that I like the slot of course!

So keep an eye out for my next post in the coming week containing the weekly schedule.

See you all soon!

Statement regarding Casino Affiliation

Statement regarding Casino AffiliationThere recently has been a lot of talk online about casino affiliation. As I will not discuss affiliation during any of my live streams (it is a slot playing stream after all), I have made the following statement and observations regarding the subject of casino affiliation.

What is Casino Affiliation?
In a nutshell, it means that a person gets commission for referring a player to a casino. The commission is earned by a prospective player clicking a link that directs to the casino. Once the player has opened the account and becomes an active player, the affiliate earns commission on any losses that the player makes, gets a fixed fee for the referral or a combination of both.

You have to declare that you are an affiliate
There is no obligation to declare that you are an affiliate and that you earn commission if it is clear from the content that a player is being referred to a casino. Links have been made to a document  on the Advertising Standards Agency website. However, the guidance contained within that document only applies if the reader or viewer can not be sure that a casino is being advertised. Viewers of my stream will be under no illusion that I invite them to join a particular casino – the big banner at the top of the stream gives a very big clue!

You are preying on the problem gambler / those that have problems with gambling
I do not wish to refer a problem gambler to a casino. My streams are intended for the casual and responsible gambler only. As a matter of fact, a problem gambler or those that find it difficult to control their gambling should not be watching gambling material on Youtube and Twitch at all. And that relates to all gambling material, whether produced by an affiliate or not.

Making money off the back of player losses is immoral
Now that is has been established that my content is intended for the casual and responsible gambler only; and those that can’t control their gambling should not be watching me, there is nothing immoral about earning commission on the accepted losses of the gambler. A responsible gambler accepts that once a deposit is made, that the deposit is considered lost. Whether all of that loss goes to the casino, or a little slice of it goes to the affiliate makes no difference to the gambler. If a gambler is not prepared to lose money or can’t afford it, then they should not be gambling.

You encourage people to deposit and become addicted
Viewers are invited to join the casino where I happen to stream my slot play. There is no obligation to join in order to view the stream or participate in the chat room. Welcome offers are shown from time to time and I will always answer any questions regarding the terms attached to the welcome offer if not already clear from the screen. I never hold raffles or giveaways that are dependant on a viewer having to make a deposit. Unlike the many big win video channels, my streams show the reality of playing slots and loyal viewers will see me losing more often than winning. If that is not a encouragement not to gamble, then I don’t know what is!!!

I am a problem gambler or have problems controlling my gambling
Although I appreciate that for some it may help watching me lose money, I would not recommend that you watch my stream. To ensure that this happens, please follow these steps:

(1) Unsubscribe from my Youtube and Twitch channels
(2) Close your Youtube and Twitch accounts
(3) Install cCleaner (freeware) and get the software to delete your browsing history, cookies, cache and flash cache

Following these simple 3 steps ensures that you will never accidentally come across mine or any other gambling channels unless you actively search for it. Further help regarding problem gambling is always available at

Why don’t you want to discuss affiliation on your stream?
The purpose of the stream is pretty clear, namely me playing slots and that is what the viewers want to see and hear. Chat gets pretty busy and it is difficult enough as it is to interact with all viewers without having to give comprehensive answers regarding matters that for most viewers is of no interest. Please respect any moderator decision, they are doing their job after all and it is nothing personal against you!

One off Slot Stream on Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Next Stream 23/05/2017

Be ready for a one off stream this Tuesday 23rd May 2017 starting at 08:30 UK time. Play will be at Novibet casino starting with a healthy £200 to kick the session off.

The intention is to get through as many bonuses on mainly the Microgaming slots such as Immortal Romance, Finer Reels of Life, Playboy, Dragonz, Jurassic Park and Thunderstruck II. All of these slots have bonuses that get unlocked as you progress through them. At the end of the progressing bar, the player is then finally able to select the desired bonus from a selection of four different ones. It takes about 20 or so bonus rounds on each of these slots to achieve this.

£200 is a healthy balance but you will not see me playing at £0.90+ because the bank roll is just not big enough to get what we aim to achieve. Betting will therefore sit between £0.30 and £0.60 depending on the state of the balance.

I really do look forward to this stream. I kind of missed the streaming of slots. Recent decent wins on some of the Novomatic slots has given me a very decent bank roll once I start streaming good and proper again probably towards the end of July / start of August.

You can watch the stream live this Tuesday 23rd May commencing at 08:30 in the morning via either Twitch or Youtube. Following me on Twitch or subscribing on my Youtube channel (or do both of course, I don’t really mind!) ensures that you get notification when the stream goes live.

I can’t guarantee big wins or not going bust, but I can guarantee you good viewing time, the occasional swear word or two thrown in, and a lively interactive chat.

See you all on Tuesday!