Two different sessions of Dead or Alive slot play

Made a couple more deposits at two casinos over the past few days with two totally different results.

The first deposit was for £150 that lasted a massive 6,857 spins at Videoslots casino. The RTP for the session was an impressive 91.9% with a total of 47 bonus rounds with the best of them paying 474x bet as the below video shows:

The other deposit was just the £25 at Unibet casino that lasted a very poor 755 spins with just the 4 bonus rounds. Total RTP for this session was a paltry 74.4%. Very forgettable indeed!

Dead or Alive – mission complete. Mega big win

Well it finally happened and the mission is now complete. Here is the one I have been waiting for such a long time:

The 5 scatter win paying 2,500x bet. The subsequent spins paid an extra 5x bet.

Thankfully the decision, as made in the previous post, of depositing £150 was a good one. Unfortunately the bet was not at £0.45 because I only dropped it to £0.27 a few 100 spins earlier because the slot wasn’t paying that well.

Once again, Videoslots casino is proving to be a very lucky casino for me. You too can be lucky at them with some great welcome offers and excellent customer service and quick withdrawals:

A mistake deposit results in an unexpected win at Casino Cruise

Browsing on Google for casinos that offer deposit bonuses for new accounts, I stumbled across Casino Cruise. A 100% match was attractive enough, so I deposited £25 which was matched instantly by £25.

The Netent slot Dead or Alive was loaded but upon the first spin, an error message appeared notifying me that there were not sufficient funds available to play. On checking the terms and conditions attached to the welcome bonus, it transpired that this slot is excluded when playing with bonus money. An error on my part for not reading the terms and conditions properly.

Thankfully, I could reverse the bonus so I was left with £25 to play with. This mistake (I wouldn’t have deposited at the casino if there wasn’t this welcome bonus) turned out to be one of the better sessions I had on the slot.

The end result was a withdrawal of £58.11 thanks to good play time and a generous bonus round that paid 408x bet. During the 1,165 spins played, a total of 12 bonus rounds were awarded (one every 97 spins) and I had a sheriff badge win line during normal play.

This is how play progressed to the withdrawal stage:

As always, I record the bonus rounds using the video capturing software Bandicam and posted the win to our Youtube channel:

Now that funds are available again to play with, a deposit of £50 will be happening at Videoslots casino in due course. As always, progress of how that money was played will be posted here on this blog.

Dead or Alive mega big win at Videoslots Casino

Well it took well over 200 bonus rounds, but it finally dropped in again. A wild line win during the extra rounds playing at £0.18 a spin at Videoslots Casino. Total win was 2,484x bet.

What makes this win even better is that it took no investment as such. The money used to gain this win was earned via the weekly slot race and cashback during last week’s play.

You too can earn big playing this slot at Videoslots Casino:

Another 3 sessions on Dead or Alive – 20th into 21st August 2015

As per the previous post, a balance of £89.26 was remaining at Videoslots to play with. I busted out on the money after 2,228 spins at a mixture of £0.27, £0.18 and £0.09 spins as the bank balance decreased as I went along. A total of 12 feature rounds were triggered during play (an average of once every 185 spins).

Play statistics are as follows:

I then swapped casino to Unibet where a total of £25 was deposited in the hope of a big win, preferably the 5 scatter 2,500x bet during normal play that I am trying to collect. A total of 1,704 spins were played with a total of just the 8 bonus rounds triggered by the machine (once every 213 spins). In summary – a very forgettable session.

Play statistics:

I decided to give it another go, this time at Casinoroom where I hadn’t played for a while. I deposited £50 which lasted 1,950 spins at a combination of £0.18 and £0.09 spins. I withdrew the same amount at the end of the session, effectively meaning that I had 1,950 spins “free of charge”. During this session a total of 10 bonus rounds triggered, or once every 195 spins on average. The last from one bonus round, in particular, was very good – paying a generous 352x bet with the additional 5 free spins triggered due to at least one wild appearing on each of the reels during the bonus round.

Play statistics for this session are as follows:

The video of the aforementioned generous bonus round:

I have some cashback coming today from Videoslots that I will “invest” into this game later today, so watch this space regarding an update how that went.

Dead or Alive slot keeps paying

When this slot is in the mood, it gives to you again and again. Some 190 spins after the big win posted in the last post, it gave again – this time at a rate of 843 x the bet. There were no wild lines this time, but the extra 5 free spins during the bonus round resulted in another withdrawal at Videoslots.

Talking about withdrawals, Videoslots is super quick in processing them. The £500 that I withdrew today has already been processed and should be in my bank account tomorrow, depending on the speed my bank processes the credit.

Off now playing with the remainder of the money… and who knows… another post with a big win may follow in due course (fingers crossed and all that good stuff!)

Dead or Alive slot play 20th August 2015 – mega big win

Persistence does pay off and it was finally my lucky day at Videoslots casino. I deposited £75 to start off playing at £0.27 a spin. Not having any luck, and with the money dropping very fast, I lowered the bet to £0.18. That didn’t pay dividend either, so £0.09 a spin it went when the money dropped to £15.

Almost bust, a bonus round was triggered. Where these bonus rounds most of the time are disappointing, this one certainly wasn’t as the below video proofs. The so desired wild line dropped in very early during the bonus round and some high paying picture symbols did aid in getting a nice little withdrawal at the casino due to the 4,223 time bet win:

You too can be the next lucky winner at Videslots playing the Netent game Dead or Alive. Payments are very fast as this casino, every spin over £0.20 gets entered into the weekly slots race and you earn cash back to boot: