Another 9,000 spins on Dead or Alive – mission still incomplete

It is getting a little frustrating now. Four more sessions (just the one with money deposited thankfully) adding another 9,000 spins since my last wild line. The tone of this post gives a clue that this wild line didn’t happen again.

The first session was a continuation from they money left from the last post plus race money earned at Videoslots casino. The £88.81 lasted a total of 2,821 spins returning to player just the 79.1%. A total of 19 bonus rounds (one every 148 on average) were “rewarded” by the slot:

The second session was a more satisfying one. Satisfying in the sense that it didn’t cost any money to play through the 2,750 spins. The reason for this was a £5.90 win thanks to free spins given because of the release of a new Netent slot called Pyramid: Quest for Immortality. The spins were given by Royal Panda casino where I had not played for a while. During these 2,750 spins a total of 18 bonus round were played (one every 152 spins on average) with a very good RTP of 98.9% which is actually higher than the RTP of the slot:

The third of four sessions was back again at the excellent Videoslots casino. Some cashback money dropped into my account that lasted 2,270 spins with 16 bonus rounds played through (one every 141 spins on average). The RTP for this session was 88.1% which isn’t too shabby:

The final session was played at Casumo casino – another casino where I had not played for a while. The reason for a small deposit there was a 25% match meaning that they money lasted that little longer. A total of just the 1,249 spins were made during which just the 8 bonus rounds were given by the slot. A very forgettable session indeed:

One more last deposit will made in due course. It should last for a reasonable amount of spins. If there is still no wild line at the end of it, I will give this slot a break for a month or so.

Dead or Alive session at Videoslots – there is a new sheriff in town

Applying the strategy that the wild line must be coming soon, a deposit of £150 was made at the excellent Videoslots casino.

The session started really well including a 97x bet bonus round and 2 separate sheriff badge wins. At some point in time the balance was peaking at £210.

Of note is the two sheriff badge wins. In the previous session at Royal Panda casino, I had such a win line too. Considering this is the highest paying winning symbol and it doesn’t fall very often, a new sheriff must therefore be in town.

This sheriff must also have taken away the scatter symbols because I have yet to see 5 of them appear for the 2,500x stake win.

A total of 20 bonus rounds were played during the session, meaning it was given by the slots once every 176 spins on average.

Overall RTP for the session was a respectable 87.9%.

Since the last wild line win, a total of 18,956 spins have been played during which 109 bonus rounds didn’t have the desired result of a mega big win. Those bonus rounds also didn’t result in the extra 5 spins that are awarded because a wild symbols appears on each of the reels.

I will deposit another £150 in due course and will play at £0.45 and £0.27 stakes. Whether this will prove to be a good idea will be revealed in due course.

Fancy have a go at playing at Videoslots?

Dead or Alive session at Royal Panda casino

A new casino to try following feedback on the Casinomeister forum by one particular poster that complained he is getting very poor play time at Royal Panda casino.

A deposit of £25 was made and the usual strategy of varying the bet depending on the balance was applied. The session lasted a very respectable 1,578 spins with the overall RTP sitting at 87%.

Paying win lines during normal play was particularly good as the below table shows. The double sheriff badge win was the highest win for the session paying £20.

What was very disappointing were the number of bonus rounds (just the 6) and the pay out of these – a very poor 7x bet on average.

To summarise. It was the wins during ordinary play that kept the session lasting some 2.5 hours and making the RTP pretty good. Had it not been for these wins, I would have experienced similar play time to the poster on the Casinomeister forum.