Streaming schedule for week commencing 24th July 2017

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

Another week and time for some more fun on the slots. My streaming schedule for the week is as follows:

  • Monday 24th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Tuesday 25th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Wednesday 26th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00

Times quoted, as always, are UK times and the finish time of each stream is subject to the starting fund lasting as the aim is to avoid a redeposit where possible.

Play will be at the excellent Novibet Casino with a variety of slots by a variety of providers. As is the norm, I am open to slot suggestions and if a slot suggestion made by my viewers is available, I more likely than not will play it in the hope of a big win.

Talking about big wins, let’s hope that there is a repetition of the mega big win on the Dead or Alive slot by Netent. Those of you that watched my stream last week, may recall the 5 scatter drop in for an instant 2,500x bet size win. It resulted in a nice withdrawal of £900 off a deposit of £200. And for those of you that missed that win, it is available for your viewing pleasure on my Youtube channel:

Please make sure that you subscribe to my Youtube channel and / or follow me on Twitch so that you receive instant notification when I am live with my streams. Alternatively, my streaming schedule can also be found on the more than excellent Casinogrounds website where you can also find me hanging round the forum.

For those of you that are new to my streams, you will soon get used to the relatively low bets that I play (stake size usually sits between £0.60 and £1.20 a spin), friendly banter and conversations in chat and sometimes (well most of the times) a lot of cursing by myself to the slots.

Hope to see you all next week!

Bonanza slot – probably the most dangerous slot out there

Bonanza slot - the most dangerous one out there!

Those that are familiar with the Big Time Gaming slot called Bonanza know that it is super high variance taken to the extreme, it therefore making it the most dangerous slot one can play online available.

The trouble, if you can call it that, with this slot is the length of time it can take to trigger the bonus round. This bonus round is triggered by having 4 or more scatters in view that spell out the word “Gold”. From both real and play money gaming, I know from experience that it is not uncommon for it take over 2,000 spins before you see this magic word appearing on screen.

The next challenge playing this slot is, that when eventually the bonus does trigger, that it can really do you over by awarding wins between 0x and 20x stake. The bonus round is where the real money sits in this game with an unlimited (yeah right!) multiplier. The multiplier increases each time there is a win.

The base game in Bonanza behaves itself usually pretty well. The balance doesn’t skydive too quickly. It is a little like an egg timer with the balance slowly but steadily heading towards bust town.

Back in February of this year, I met one of the staff of Big Time Gaming in London and we had a discussion about Bonanza. I explained that us gamers don’t want to wait thousands of spins for a bonus to trigger. I compared the slot many a time to Netents Dead or Alive that is pretty high variance too. Unlike Bonanza, the bonus rounds in Dead or Alive triggers on average every 160 spins. The average bonus trigger frequency in Bonanza appears to be every 500 spins as comparison.

During the aforementioned discussion with the Big Time Gaming representative, he sort of admitted that they had the bonus frequency wrong. Whilst they took a lot of time developing the game engine, he could see the frustration from a players point of view.

So should you play this slot? It certainly has the potential. Just look at this win of 14,000x bet size during the bonus round that can be found on Youtube (clip courtesy of streamer Letsgiveitaspin):

Impressive isn’t it? But one should remember that wins like the 14,000x one are rare. I would even say super rare. You most probably have an equal chance hitting the Mega Moolah jackpot as hitting such a massive hit during the bonus round in Bonanza!

So treat this slot with caution. Give it a few spins now and then and see if the bonus round triggers quick. Never chase it, because it more likely than not will end in disaster. I have done it before, chase the bonus round only to be mugged off with a bonus round that paid less than 50x. It was almost fist through screen time!

Bonanza can be played on the excellent Videoslots Casino. Playing at Videoslots ensures speedy withdrawals if you’re lucky enough to be in that position. And, of course, you can partake in the two hourly free roll battles and enjoy weekly cash back and race money. In game rewards are offered too to boot.

Sign up at Videoslots Casino here:

Sign up at Videoslots Casino

A happy New Year and site update

I don’t believe that it is too late to wish all of the readers of the blog a very happy  and lucky New Year!

Since the last blog post, the Netent slot Dead or Alive has been on fire for me. Where previously I could not hit a wild line, they have been dropping in very fast since I started to play again back in November 2015. Since then, I managed to get a total of 12 wild lines plus one 5 scatter win paying 2,500x bet.

Needless to say, I am well up on the slot and I want to keep it that way. A more recent session took me back to reality with the slot playing very poorly. I will therefore give it a little rest playing at higher stakes and will only play the odd £25 deposit now and then at £0.09 a spin.

I also had some recent luck with the WMS game Wishing you Luck. This recently released slot has a number of different bonus games. I had big wins on two of these bonus rounds  – twice on the bonus reel with a £150 major jackpot and once on the free spins paying just under £200 on a £1.20 stake.

Here is a video that can be found on our Youtube channel showing one of the big wins on Wishing our Fortune at £0.40 a spin:

More recently I have been mixing up slots a lot with an element of success. I had good wins on Ruby Slippers (a slot by WMS), Raging Rhino (also by WMS) and Secret of the Stones (a slot by Netent).

In terms of casinos, most of my play is still at Videoslots Casino because the payments in case of a win are very fast, each spin over £0.20 is counted in the weekly casino race with real wager free cash prices and on top of that, there is cash back awarded and paid out (wager free again!) each Friday for the preceding week.

And finally an update on the website. I will get round to doing the slot section over the next few months. Work has been rather busy recently but things should quite down over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I will post more news as and when I receive it and will keep the readers of this blog updated on how my slot play fairs.

Four more session on Dead or Alive slot

Four more session on the Netent Dead or Alive slot and the frustration aired in the previous post is continuing.

The first of the four sessions was a deposit of £300 played at £0.45, £0.27, £0.18 and then £0.09 stakes. Despite having 28 bonus rounds during the 4,970 spins played, there was nothing notable to report. Overall RTP was 81.4% with the highest free spins rounds paying 197x bet. At the end of the session, a total of £11.93 was left to play with the following day. This session was played at Videoslots casino.

The second session started with the above mentioned balance plus some cashback money earned from the previous week at Videoslots casino. The session lasted a total of 1,027 spins at the lowest bet of £0.09 with a total of 9 bonus rounds awarded by the slot, which is a respectable once every 114 spins on average. It is a crying shame that those bonus rounds paid peanuts so to speak with the highest of them paying a pathetic 28x bet!

The third session was a quick monthly deposit of just the £5 at Slots Magic casino. It was not only a quick deposit, but also a very quick session of just the 146 spins with no bonus rounds. It served as a good reminder that this casino, for me, is just not a lucky one!

The final session was once again at Videoslots. Race and cashback money totalling £31.74 was played through. The session lasted 1,138 spins with a bonus round every 126 spins on average. Of the 9 bonus rounds, the biggest win was just the 32x bet. Total RTP for this session was a very poor 69.1%.

Since the last wild line win quite some weeks ago (it certainly feels like it has been years ago), a massive 93,513 spins have been made during which 597 bonus rounds were played. The money “invested” during these spins will take some big wins to recover, or alternatively some modest high wins at higher stakes which is a very risky strategy.

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be giving this slot a bit of rest after the very last deposit I am going to make today (I promise this time!). Hopefully £25 at Betat casino will change my luck. Fingers crossed and all that good stuff!

Another 9,000 spins on Dead or Alive – mission still incomplete

It is getting a little frustrating now. Four more sessions (just the one with money deposited thankfully) adding another 9,000 spins since my last wild line. The tone of this post gives a clue that this wild line didn’t happen again.

The first session was a continuation from they money left from the last post plus race money earned at Videoslots casino. The £88.81 lasted a total of 2,821 spins returning to player just the 79.1%. A total of 19 bonus rounds (one every 148 on average) were “rewarded” by the slot:

The second session was a more satisfying one. Satisfying in the sense that it didn’t cost any money to play through the 2,750 spins. The reason for this was a £5.90 win thanks to free spins given because of the release of a new Netent slot called Pyramid: Quest for Immortality. The spins were given by Royal Panda casino where I had not played for a while. During these 2,750 spins a total of 18 bonus round were played (one every 152 spins on average) with a very good RTP of 98.9% which is actually higher than the RTP of the slot:

The third of four sessions was back again at the excellent Videoslots casino. Some cashback money dropped into my account that lasted 2,270 spins with 16 bonus rounds played through (one every 141 spins on average). The RTP for this session was 88.1% which isn’t too shabby:

The final session was played at Casumo casino – another casino where I had not played for a while. The reason for a small deposit there was a 25% match meaning that they money lasted that little longer. A total of just the 1,249 spins were made during which just the 8 bonus rounds were given by the slot. A very forgettable session indeed:

One more last deposit will made in due course. It should last for a reasonable amount of spins. If there is still no wild line at the end of it, I will give this slot a break for a month or so.

Three more sessions on Dead or Alive

Three more sessions at Videoslots and Unibet and the theme of recent posts continues.

The first of three sessions was played with the cashback money earned at Videoslots casino. A total of £26.98 was played through lasting 1,507 spins at £0.09 minimum bet. Bonus rounds were given at a lower than average rate of one every 188 spins. Nothing else to note as the below table shows:

The second session kicked off with a £25 deposit at Unibet casino. With a combination of £0.18 and £0.09 spins the money lasted a total of 1,727 spins with a total of just the 9 bonus rounds played through (one every 191 spins on average – very disappointing):

The final of the three sessions was, once again, at Videoslots. A £300 deposit was made and with just over £50 still to play with, a total of 5,400 spins at £0.45 and £0.27 bets were made. During this play, the slot gave out 36 bonus rounds (one every 150 spins on average) with two of them paying out decently as the below video clip shows. total RTP for this session was 88.6%

Off to play now with the remainder of the money topped up with some race money earned during last week’s play.

More Dead or Alive slot play – patience is the word

One deposit, two sessions that lasted a total of 10,915 spins during which 68 bonus rounds were played. End result was a bust with no wild line.

That is the quick summary that followed a deposit at Videoslots casino.

The first session lasted 3,695 spins during which 22 bonus rounds were given by the machine (one every 167 spins on average). The RTP for the session was 88.4% with just over £100 to be played through the following day plus race money earned during the previous week.

The second session lasted 7,178 spins during which 46 bonus rounds were played (one every 156 spins on average). Total RTP for this session was 93.8%.

The slot has not been playing ball since the last wild line win. It has now been 68,608 spins and a massive 427 bonus rounds!

Some cashback money dropped into my Videoslots account that will be played through in due course. It is about time that Dead or Alive comes alive again!

Three more session on Dead or Alive slot – over 10,000 spins

With the idea in mind that the slot surely is going to give soon, a substantial deposit was made at Videoslots casino that lasted 6,631 spins during which almost £1,800 was wagered through. During these spins a total of 39 bonus rounds were granted by the slot with the overall RTP for the session ending up at 82.9%. There were 3 bonus rounds that paid over 100x bet size. A bonus round was trigged every 170 spins on average which seems to be very close to my overall average for this game.

The second session was played with a smaller deposit, and therefore much smaller stakes, at Unibet casino. The session had an RTP of 86.6% with a total of 1,703 spins. During these spins, the bonus round was triggered 10 times with the best of the bunch captured on Bandicam. It returned 293x the bet size with plenty of wilds filling the screen:

The final of the three sessions was back at Videoslots casino, this time with no money to be deposited because of cash back that was earned during last week’s play. The £22.21 lasted a very respectable 2,392 spins with the balance at some point peaking at over £60 thanks to this wonderful bonus round that paid 501x the bet size of £0.09:

During this session a total of 17 bonus round were given by the slot (once every 140 spins on average) with the overall RTP sitting at 94.9%.

Now for some rather depression news. Since my last wild line that appears to have happened ages ago, a total of 57,693 spins have been made and 359 bonus rounds played through!!!

Dead or Alive slot – a new low

Played a couple more sessions last night and “not very good” is perhaps the correct polite term to use to sum them up.

The first of the two sessions was at Unibet casino where £25 was deposited. The session did not last very long – just the 743 spins returning just 66%. A disappointing 3 bonus rounds were handed out by the slot (one every 247 spins on average):

The second deposit was made at Casumo casino simply because there was a 50% match bonus meaning that the €25 instantly turned into €37.50. And a good thing that was too because the session wasn’t a very good one with bonus rounds very far and few between. As a matter of fact, it has now been 1,200 spins without a bonus round – a very new disappointing low since playing this slot!

Luck surely is going to turn soon?

Free money session on Dead or Alive slot at Videoslots Casino

Cash back money and race money dropped into my Videoslots casino account which was played through at £0.18 and £0.09 bet sizes. A total of 2,734 spins were made during which the slot gave 22 bonus rounds (one every 124 spins on average) with a total RTP of 85.7%:

Here are some scary figures: It has now been 44,714 spins and a massive 288 bonus rounds since the last wild line win! This serves as a reminder how one should be cautious playing this slot. It certainly gets frustrated pumping money in with nothing coming out the other end so to speak.

You too can earn cash back and race money at Videoslots casino: