Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 5th February 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleAfter a week that started well but then went rapidly down hill, we shall try it all over again next week as follows:

  • Thursday 8th February from 0830 until 1200
  • Friday 9th February from 0830 until 1200
  • Saturday 10th February from 1300 until 2000

Unlike other weeks, the above schedule is going to be very much subject to change due to some social events planned during the week starting with the Casinomeister forum meet on Tuesday night. I am also planning to meet up with the guys from Casinogrounds during the week, hence the possible tweaks to the above mentioned schedule.

For that reason, I strongly suggest that you subscribe and/or follow my Youtube and Twitch channels respectively and set notifications to active. You will get an email notification as soon as I go live, meaning that you will not miss any of the action that may or may not happen!

Until next week, may the slots be lucky for you!

GoWild and Casumo Casino industry updates

GoWild and Casumo Updates

Some industry news fresh off the press from the renowned Casinomeister website that is considered industry leading and the go to place for players.

The first news is an update on a story that was featured here on the 10th May 2017. Readers may remember that Casumo was rogued due to them not dealing with affiliates that used practices that were rather dodgy. Practices such as misleading adverts were reported to the Casumo representative but brushed under the carpet. As a result of this, the casino was put in the rogue pit.

This week, the team at Casinomeister has returned Casumo to their accredited section following action that was finally taken by the casino management. The culprit affiliates were dealt with and commitment was given that this would continue.

Playing at Casumo from a players perspective was never under doubt (it was the affiliate actions that led to it going in the rogue pit) and having accreditation back will only confirm this.

But the vacancy in the rogue pit was not there for long. Today, Casinomeister has decided to put GoWild Casino in the rogue pit and it is recommended that you no longer play at this casino as a result of this.

And the reason for this begs the question why you would indeed be so silly to continue playing there.

A player on the Casinomeister forum complained that GoWild refused his substantial winnings because he broke the following rule in their terms and conditions:

6.2. Without derogation from the generality of the foregoing, the following activities are not allowed and constitute a material breach of these Terms of Service: i) colluding with third parties; ii) using unfair advantage or influence (commonly known as cheating), including the exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in our software, the use of automated players (sometimes known as ‘bots’); or the exploitation of an ‘error’; iii) undertaking fraudulent activities to your advantage, including the use of a stolen, cloned or otherwise unauthorized credit or debit card, as a source of funds, or taking part in any criminal activities including money laundering and any offence with criminal repercussions; iv) irregular play, which may include but is not wholly restricted to any one or more of the following types of play: placing single bets equal to or exceeding the limit defined in the terms of the bonus campaigns of the value of the bonus credited to the player account, in advance of the wager requirement for that bonus having been met; using the double-up feature to increase bet values; placing even money bets on Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette and/or building a balance and significantly changing play patterns for example bet size, game types and bet structures etc.

but the player (and that is quite important here) was not playing with bonus money or was clearing wagering. They used this rather rogue term to not pay him.

As we players know and do, we vary our bet size as the balance goes up or down and that usually isn’t and shouldn’t be a problem. Us players decide how we bet. Slots are random after all and don’t care about the bet size.

Taking note of the bet size and the irregular changing of it, should only be watched when you play with bonus funds because a max bet rule is normally in play and irregular play such as regularly varying the bet size may be frowned upon by the casino.

The confiscation of this player’s winnings deserved a place in the rogue pit and I can’t emphasise enough not to play at this casino. If you do have an account with them, please close it immediately – there is definitely better out there!

Happy, and safe, slotting everybody!

Casumo Casino removed from the accredited section by Casinomeister

Casumo removed from Accedited section at Casinomeister

Who would have guessed that Casumo Casino has been removed from the accredited section on the well respected Casinomeister website?

So what is the reason for this decision by what is considered to be the go to website in terms of finding out at which casino to play?

The reason is simply because the way that Casumo deals with affiliates that use tactics that are rather dodgy when it comes to promoting the casino. Claims such as unrealistic or unachievable “jackpots” (I mean, a jackpot on Starburst – you have got to be joking!), claims that the casino is the fastest one available in terms of withdrawal speeds, not so clear sign up bonuses and affiliates that think sending spam emails is the way to get new sign ups.

So how does Casumo deal with these affiliates? It appears from a topic on Casinomeister that they don’t. They have not made commitments to deal with affiliates that are breaking the terms- and conditions of the affiliate contract. Unlike other casinos that have the balls to take a tough stand against such affiliates, Casumo has made no commitment to close their accounts, or penalise the affiliate by withholding their commission earned.

It was only when Bryan, the owner of Casinomeister, removed them from the accredited section that answers were forthcoming from the casino representative on the forum. They explained that internally they have taken action, but were not prepared to share this action with the forum audience. This didn’t, as you can image, go down too well.

So what does this mean for a player that deposits and plays at Casumo? There is nothing to worry about at all. Your money is safe, the games behave as they should and you will get paid promptly when you’re lucky enough to be in a position to make a withdrawal.

The removal of Casumo from the accredited section was expected after the complaints on the forum about the many spam emails dispatched by some of their affiliates, and I salute Bryan and the Casinomeister team for making this brave decision. Losing accreditation on one of the leading casino information websites must be a kick in the teeth for Casumo.

Here is hoping that Casumo has learned their lesson and starts action again rogue affiliates by closing their accounts or penalising them via alternative means. Actions speak louder than words, so we will have to wait with baited breath how this all develops.

Affiliate Edge rogued by Casinomeister

It has just been announced over on the Casinomeister website that the Affiliate Edge group of casinos has been placed in the so called rogue pit.

This decision affects the following casinos, most of which are USA orientated:

Aladdin’s Gold Casino
All Star Slots Casino
Buzzluck Casino
Club World Casino
Highnoon Casino
Lucky Red Casino
Manhattan Slots

The reason for the placement in the rogue pit was a hostile take over at the end of last year that turned a trusted casino group into one that has reportedly been conducting rather dodgy business practices such as the de-tagging of players from affiliate accounts.

A detailed write up can be found on the Casinomeister website.

So what does this mean for you, a player? Whilst there is no evidence that players are not being paid, it is not advisable to continue playing at any of the above mentioned casinos or if you’re considering opening up an account at a new casino, to give these a wide berth.

What about affiliates? Clearly the group can’t be trusted so the question begs whether you should continue sending them traffic, or indeed start promoting them if you were considering doing so.

As soon as more information is received, I will make sure to post an update here.

Dead or Alive session at Royal Panda casino

A new casino to try following feedback on the Casinomeister forum by one particular poster that complained he is getting very poor play time at Royal Panda casino.

A deposit of £25 was made and the usual strategy of varying the bet depending on the balance was applied. The session lasted a very respectable 1,578 spins with the overall RTP sitting at 87%.

Paying win lines during normal play was particularly good as the below table shows. The double sheriff badge win was the highest win for the session paying £20.

What was very disappointing were the number of bonus rounds (just the 6) and the pay out of these – a very poor 7x bet on average.

To summarise. It was the wins during ordinary play that kept the session lasting some 2.5 hours and making the RTP pretty good. Had it not been for these wins, I would have experienced similar play time to the poster on the Casinomeister forum.

Reasonable play at Guts casino on Dead or Alive slot

This was my 1st deposit at Guts casino. I usually don’t deposit at casinos that charge you a fee when depositing money with a Visa debit card, but because of a contest on the Casinomeister forum and the 100% deposit match bonus, I made an exception.

The £25 that was deposited turned instantly into £50 with a very high wagering requirement. A big win was therefore not desired. The purpose of this session was to get more spins and bonus rounds under the belt.

Some 616 spins into the session I almost hit the wild line for a big win with more than £750 still to be wagered. On this occasion, thankfully the win was 346x bet. As always, the bonus round win was captured on video and posted on our Youtube channel:

The overall session returned to player 84.5% of the amount wagered with a total of 2,168 spins on a mixture of £0.27, £0.18 and £0.09 bets. Total bonus rounds given by the slot was 14, meaning that it triggered every 154 spins on average.

Session statistics are as follows:

25 free spins on Starburst slot are coming my way tomorrow as well as 55 free spins on Dead or Alive, so hopefully winnings from these are going to give me some more play time at this casino.

Dead or Alive session at Unibet on 6th and 7th September 2015

In the quest to get those 5 scatters during normal play at the Netent slot Dead or Alive, a deposit of £25 was made at Unibet casino last night. The session was split over two days.

The first 100 spins were made at £0.18 a go but there was nothing significant to report or anything to get excited about. To make the money last, the best size was quickly dropped to £0.09 which lasted another 975 spins making the total RTP for the session 76.4%.

A total of 6 bonus rounds were awarded that paid on average 25x the bet size.

It has now been 8,520 spins and 48 bonus rounds since the last 5 wild line win. According to posts on forums on the internet, it takes 125 bonus rounds on average for this kind of win to be given by the slot. Those same posts also calculate a bonus round every 125 spins. According to these calculations, every 125 x 125 = 15,625 spins you should get a big win.

If we were to go by that scenario, play over the next 7,105 spins should result in 77 bonus rounds (or a bonus round every 92 spins) which given recent play time is very unlikely.

I have therefore signed up at Guts casino for a 100% deposit match to make the money last longer. Furthermore, 55 free spins on Dead or Alive will be credited to my account thanks to a contest on the Casinomeister forum. In addition to this, I will get some wager free spins on Starburst.

The play statistics for the Unibet session are as follows:

Dead or Alive session at Betat Casino on 23rd August 2015

Despite the last post saying the Netent slot Dead or Alive will not be played for another 4 days or so, an email from Betat Casino dropped into my email box. It was then I noticed that I hadn’t played at the Casino for a while. If only that email never arrived, I would have been £25 better off.

The session started really well. The very 1st spin resulted in a bonus round that paid 33x the bet size of £0.09. By the 50th spin, the slot was generous enough to give me a total of 4 bonus rounds! At the end of 100 spins, I was up £10.34. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have cashed out there and then, but when the slot plays like this, you feel inclined to keep playing.

Needless to say, things went slowly but gradually wrong from there. The money lasted a total of 1,714 spins with a total of 15 bonus rounds played that paid an average of 24x bet. Basic maths tells us the bonus round was triggered every 114 spins, which is not too shabby and well under my current average of a bonus round every 160 spins since I started to keep detailed play statistics.

The casino until the end of August 2015 has a summer contest on the Casinomeister website. Each member of Casinomeister can enter the competition when playing at Betat casino and is in with a chance of some serious money if you’re lucky enough to get a high paying win. To join the excellent Casinomeister forum, please click here.

Back to the latest session, this is how it progressed:

Fancy playing at Betat Casino? You may read our review first, or alternatively – because you can trust us to recommend good casinos only – click the play button below: