Introducing a new casino – Betat Casino

Betat CasinoI am really proud to introduce an excellent casino for my loyal readers as well as my loyal viewers on both Twitch and Youtube.

Betat Casino is located in Malta and run by the parent company NRR Entertainment that has gambling licenses in both Malta and the United Kingdom. It ensures that all of the many games that are available have been fully tested for authenticity. It furthermore ensures that your funds are always safe and that if you’re lucky enough to be in a position to make a withdrawal, the funds eventually arrive into your bank account.

There is a very wide variety of games available from providers such as Microgaming, Netent, Big Time Gaming, Leander Games, 1×2 Gaming, Elk Studios and many more. The casino has promised to add further games in due course. You will certainly not get bored trying out the wide offering just now.

For new sign ups, there is an attractive welcome offer available of a 100% deposit match bonus up to £500 plus 50 extra spins on Starburst. Wagering on the welcome bonus is a very competitive 30x the bonus. Not only is this low, it is a so called “parachute” bonus, meaning that you can withdraw your cash balance and forfeit the bonus providing you haven’t touched the bonus funds. Wagering on the extra spins is also a very reasonable 30x the winnings from them. Please make that sure that you read all of the terms and conditions because some exclusions and restrictions apply.

Betat Casino is going to feature quite a lot on my streams and I look forward to making it one of my more regular playing joints.

Join me at Betat Casino:

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Four more session on Dead or Alive slot

Four more session on the Netent Dead or Alive slot and the frustration aired in the previous post is continuing.

The first of the four sessions was a deposit of £300 played at £0.45, £0.27, £0.18 and then £0.09 stakes. Despite having 28 bonus rounds during the 4,970 spins played, there was nothing notable to report. Overall RTP was 81.4% with the highest free spins rounds paying 197x bet. At the end of the session, a total of £11.93 was left to play with the following day. This session was played at Videoslots casino.

The second session started with the above mentioned balance plus some cashback money earned from the previous week at Videoslots casino. The session lasted a total of 1,027 spins at the lowest bet of £0.09 with a total of 9 bonus rounds awarded by the slot, which is a respectable once every 114 spins on average. It is a crying shame that those bonus rounds paid peanuts so to speak with the highest of them paying a pathetic 28x bet!

The third session was a quick monthly deposit of just the £5 at Slots Magic casino. It was not only a quick deposit, but also a very quick session of just the 146 spins with no bonus rounds. It served as a good reminder that this casino, for me, is just not a lucky one!

The final session was once again at Videoslots. Race and cashback money totalling £31.74 was played through. The session lasted 1,138 spins with a bonus round every 126 spins on average. Of the 9 bonus rounds, the biggest win was just the 32x bet. Total RTP for this session was a very poor 69.1%.

Since the last wild line win quite some weeks ago (it certainly feels like it has been years ago), a massive 93,513 spins have been made during which 597 bonus rounds were played. The money “invested” during these spins will take some big wins to recover, or alternatively some modest high wins at higher stakes which is a very risky strategy.

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be giving this slot a bit of rest after the very last deposit I am going to make today (I promise this time!). Hopefully £25 at Betat casino will change my luck. Fingers crossed and all that good stuff!

Four more sessions on Dead or Alive at various casinos

A total of almost 6,000 spins were made at three casinos yesterday and the early part of this morning.

The first of four sessions was playing out the remainder of the money sitting in the Videoslots casino. The session lasted a total of 1,406 spins at £0.18 and £0.09 bet sizes with 9 bonus rounds played through (one every 156 on average). The total RTP was a disappointing 75.4%. The bonus rounds paid an average 25x bet:

The second session was at Mr Green Casino where I had not played for a while. The reason for this was because an email dropped into my email account letting me know that I had 25 free spins on the newly released slot “Mr Green Moonlight”. These 25 free spins resulted in a win of £17.41 that was used to play Dead or Alive with. The session lasted a total of 703 spins resulting in a RTP of 73.6%. A total of 6 bonus rounds were played (pretty frequent at one every 117 spins on average):

Will I be playing at Mr Green casino again? No is the quick answer. The reason for this is that during the session the responsible gaming warning that is shown every hour or so was displayed during one of the spins. It not only interrupted the spin, the game reloaded itself too. All the other casinos that I play at, this warning message is shown when the game is paused so it doesn’t effect gameplay. Until such time Mr Green Casino has sorted this out, I will not be depositing anymore.

The third session was played at Betat Casino. A deposit of £25 was made that lasted a total of 1,402 spins with a RTP of 85.6%. The session started off pretty well with a sheriff badge win within the first 100 spins. A total of 9 bonus rounds were given by the slot, meaning that they appeared every 155 spins on average:

The final of the four sessions was played at Videoslots casino. A £75 deposit lasted 2,412 spins with 20 bonus rounds played (one every 120 spins on average – pretty good). There was a distinct lack of high paying 5 of a kind symbol wins during normal play. Total RTP for the session was a decent 84.6%:

Since the last wild line win, a total of 38,197 spins have been made during which 244 bonus rounds were played. A big win surely must be due very soon (well statistically speaking).

Another poor session on Dead or Alive

The slot appears to be in one of those moods where it is not willing to give to the player.

A small deposit was made at Betat Casino in the hope to clock up some more spins and bonus rounds. This was not to be unfortunately.

Just 75 spins at £0.18 x brought the balance down quickly to the point where bet size had to be decreased to £0.09 a spin.

Even that didn’t wake the machine up into paying or giving bonus rounds for that matter as the below table shows.

The overall RTP was a very poor 71% with just the 881 spins made during the session. Just the 2 bonus rounds didn’t help the enjoyment playing this particular session. The bonus rounds paid very poorly too.

It was only because of the 1 relatively big win earlier in the session that the session lasted this long. Had the gun belts win not dropped in, the overall RTP would have been closer to 60%.

Since the last wild line win, a total of 10,203 spins have been made during which 62 bonus rounds were played out. This averages one every 164 spins which appears to be the norm.

Some cash back money is coming today from Videoslots that will be played through in the hope to clock up even more spins and bonus rounds, and who knows perhaps even a big win!

Here are the play statistics for the Betat session:

Dead or Alive slot session on Saturday 5th September 2015

Following the rather short session at Casino Room as described in the previous post, it was time to deposit the last time for the day, this time at Betat Casino.

£25 was debited from my bank account (no fees for depositing by debit card at this casino or any of the other ones that are recommended by us!) but it disappeared too soon.

Just the 976 spins of which 100 where at £0.18 and the balance of 876 at £0.09 a spin. Total RTP for the session was just a shambolic 74.2% with only 5 bonus rounds, meaning one of those every 195 spins on average. The first 3 bonus rounds didn’t pay too bad at 31x, 45x and 44x the bet size. High win lines during normal play were almost as bad as it could have been – just the one more than nothing!

The rather forgettable table how play progressed:

10 Free spins turn into over 1,300 spins on Dead or Alive slot

On Thursday, an email dropped into my email box from Betat Casino. They credited 10 free spins on the Netent slot Starburst to my account. Nothing gained, nothing ventured, these 10 spins were played instantly and lady luck awarded £0.97.

A few clicks later and Dead or Alive was loaded at the same casino. A wagering requirement of just over £19 was attached to winnings from the free spins. Five spins later on Dead or Alive and my balance was reading £10.11 thanks to a bonus round win paying just over 100x bet.

The £10.11 was played through this morning and the session lasted a very good 1,377 spins. The majority of these spins were at £0.09 a bet with 100 of them at £0.18 a bet when the balance crept up to £23.50. A total of 12 bonus rounds were awarded (one every 114 spins on average) paying an average of 26x stake. Overall session RTP was a very respectable 92.4%.

Session statistics:

It has now been 29,463 spins and 190 bonus rounds since the last 5 wild line mega win or 5 extra free spins during the bonus round.

Some money dropped into my Videoslots account last Monday and today thanks to winnings on the weekly race and cashback that will be played through later today.

You too can play at Betat Casino:

Try the Dead or Alive slot for free

Whilst we’re adding slots to our database, you can now play the Netent slot Dead or Alive for free, right here on this page:

You can play the slot for real money at any of the following quality casinos:

Betat Casino

Casino Room

Slots Magic

Unibet Casino

Video Slots

Dead or Alive session at Betat Casino on 23rd August 2015

Despite the last post saying the Netent slot Dead or Alive will not be played for another 4 days or so, an email from Betat Casino dropped into my email box. It was then I noticed that I hadn’t played at the Casino for a while. If only that email never arrived, I would have been £25 better off.

The session started really well. The very 1st spin resulted in a bonus round that paid 33x the bet size of £0.09. By the 50th spin, the slot was generous enough to give me a total of 4 bonus rounds! At the end of 100 spins, I was up £10.34. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have cashed out there and then, but when the slot plays like this, you feel inclined to keep playing.

Needless to say, things went slowly but gradually wrong from there. The money lasted a total of 1,714 spins with a total of 15 bonus rounds played that paid an average of 24x bet. Basic maths tells us the bonus round was triggered every 114 spins, which is not too shabby and well under my current average of a bonus round every 160 spins since I started to keep detailed play statistics.

The casino until the end of August 2015 has a summer contest on the Casinomeister website. Each member of Casinomeister can enter the competition when playing at Betat casino and is in with a chance of some serious money if you’re lucky enough to get a high paying win. To join the excellent Casinomeister forum, please click here.

Back to the latest session, this is how it progressed:

Fancy playing at Betat Casino? You may read our review first, or alternatively – because you can trust us to recommend good casinos only – click the play button below: