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Big Time Gaming Game Server

Ever wanted to try any of the popular Big Time Gaming slots for free before committing real money to it?

Ever so popular games such as Bonanza, Danger High Voltage, Lil Devil and Opal Fruits are available to play with play money direct from the Big Time Gaming server.

All that is required is either a Facebook or Google account and you are directly served with all of the Big Time Gaming slot games.

Starting credits are 1,000. They are easily topped up with 1,000 increments using the “top up balance” function available from the drop down menu located in the top right hand side of the screen.

Play is super fast with no or very little errors. You too can “play” like the big hitters on Twitch and Youtube doing £20 or so spins on Bonanza and Opal Fruits or even push the boat out and do a £50,000 bonus buy on White Rabbit.

Of course, any winnings are not paid out, because it is demo mode after all.

But if playing Big Time Gaming slots takes your fancy with real money, then I can highly recommend the following three L&L casinos that have a large library of Big Time Gaming slots available. All of the casinos are personally tested by me and I can vouch for their credibility, fast payouts and very good customer service if required. The casino group was selected as casino group of the year 2019 by the leading authority on gambling, Casinomeister.

When playing at any of the L&L group of casinos, you too can earn 10% wager free cashback on any daily net losses (terms and conditions apply so be sure to read them).

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Oh….. and the link to the demo Big Time Gaming slots, you may ask? Well here it is:

Best Youtube online slot channels

Best Youtube slot channels

Amongst the thousands of channels that are hosted on Youtube, there are quite a few that are well recommended if you enjoy watching slot play online.

I have listed below the ones that I recommend. Please take note that these channels are from those that as a rule don’t stream their slot play live on either Twitch, Youtube or any other streaming service. All of the channels feature slot play with real money and offer commentary in the English language.

Probably the oldest of the channels, I recommend you watch the channel of Dazza G, also known as Dunover. He plays a variety of slots at very sensible stakes. His arch enemy is most probably Raging Rhino, a slot by WMS that he likes and hates at the same time. It features a lot in his videos. His adult commentary is classic and after watching him for a while you will get used to terms such as “Turd of the unflushed toilet”, “Netent variance” and his most recent one “duff, duff, duff – fuck all”.

Arguably the most popular of the channels, The Bandit does not need any introduction. Steve creates some 3 to 4 videos a week that tend to be one hour in length. Betting size varies from £1.50 to very large bet sizes. He plays a large variety of slots from a large number of casinos. His sense of humour is very addictive and down to earth. Monthly competitions are also a feature of the channel with very generous cash giveaways for the loyal viewers each month.

A brand new channel that is recommended too is Beat the Novomatics. As the title suggests, it features Novomatic slot machines only. What makes this channel good is that it is different from the usual. A certain slot is selected each week and 100 spins are played each day on it. The aim is to beat the Novomatic by ending up in profit each day and preferably at the end of the week. Live commentary is provided, of course. At the time of writing this article the channel is very young, so any subscriptions to the channel will be appreciated by the creators of it. I can foresee it growing to become very popular!

What all of these channels have in common is that they feature the up and downs of online slot play. You will see losing as well as winning sessions unlike the many other channels that are on Youtube that just feature big wins. Whilst these channels, of course, have a purpose too; it makes you always wonder how much was invested to get those big wins shown.

My channel features a combination of streamed play and the big wins from them, and are clearly marked as such.

You can enjoy spending hours on Youtube watching online slots and I hope that my above mentioned recommendations will make that enjoyment even better.

Novibet – an excellent new casino and well recommended

Novibet Casino

I am really proud to introduce my loyal readers to an excellent new casino called Novibet. Based in the Isle of Man you can be sure that your money is safe and that if you’re lucky enough to be in a position to make a nice withdrawal that it gets processed pretty quick.

With many games by providers such as Netent, WMS, Quickspin, Microgaming and not so known providers such as 2by2 you will have hours worth of play time without getting bored playing the same old slots over and over again.

There are, of course, live casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack available and those that wish to make a sports bet now and then are accommodated too.

A 100% deposit match bonus up to £250 is available for new registrations. Play through is 35x the bonus and deposit with all slots counting 100% towards the wagering. Please take note however that the welcome bonus is only available to those residing in the United Kingdom.

When it comes to loyalty, Novibet looks after their players. Up to £4,000 is rewarded each month depending on how much is wagered.:

Level Required
Monthly Reward
1st 15,000 50£
2nd 30,000 100£
3rd 90,000 300£
4th 150,000 500£
5th 300,000 1,000£
6th 500,000 2,000£
7th 1,000,000 4,000£

And the good thing is that those rewards are wager free and can be withdrawn immediately if you so wish. It is an excellent and very generous scheme that not a lot of casinos offer.

In addition the casino offers a fun calendar with different events each day. Events such as 5% cashback on selected games each Saturday and a weekly race each Wednesday!

There are, of course, plenty of responsible gambling tools available such as deposit limits, playtime reminders and to set a block on your account.

Join the Novibet family today by clicking the green button below:

Join Videoslots Casino now!

Casumo Casino removed from the accredited section by Casinomeister

Casumo removed from Accedited section at Casinomeister

Who would have guessed that Casumo Casino has been removed from the accredited section on the well respected Casinomeister website?

So what is the reason for this decision by what is considered to be the go to website in terms of finding out at which casino to play?

The reason is simply because the way that Casumo deals with affiliates that use tactics that are rather dodgy when it comes to promoting the casino. Claims such as unrealistic or unachievable “jackpots” (I mean, a jackpot on Starburst – you have got to be joking!), claims that the casino is the fastest one available in terms of withdrawal speeds, not so clear sign up bonuses and affiliates that think sending spam emails is the way to get new sign ups.

So how does Casumo deal with these affiliates? It appears from a topic on Casinomeister that they don’t. They have not made commitments to deal with affiliates that are breaking the terms- and conditions of the affiliate contract. Unlike other casinos that have the balls to take a tough stand against such affiliates, Casumo has made no commitment to close their accounts, or penalise the affiliate by withholding their commission earned.

It was only when Bryan, the owner of Casinomeister, removed them from the accredited section that answers were forthcoming from the casino representative on the forum. They explained that internally they have taken action, but were not prepared to share this action with the forum audience. This didn’t, as you can image, go down too well.

So what does this mean for a player that deposits and plays at Casumo? There is nothing to worry about at all. Your money is safe, the games behave as they should and you will get paid promptly when you’re lucky enough to be in a position to make a withdrawal.

The removal of Casumo from the accredited section was expected after the complaints on the forum about the many spam emails dispatched by some of their affiliates, and I salute Bryan and the Casinomeister team for making this brave decision. Losing accreditation on one of the leading casino information websites must be a kick in the teeth for Casumo.

Here is hoping that Casumo has learned their lesson and starts action again rogue affiliates by closing their accounts or penalising them via alternative means. Actions speak louder than words, so we will have to wait with baited breath how this all develops. and the view bots in the Casino section

Twitch viewbots

Those familiar with the Twitch Casino section know the frustration of seeing channels listed that have in excess of 1,000 viewers. Whilst there are genuine channels that have this number of viewers, it is safe to say that most of these channels have these numbers because they use so called view bots.

Recently, Twitch has taken action against these channels that were using view bots to boost their viewers. Channels have finally been closed down, it resulting in the genuine channels again taking correct rank in the listing.

So why do these streamers use view bots? Having a high number of viewers ensures that the channel is listed first in the respective directory. It shows that the stream is popular with active chat, so the tendency for visitors is to go into that stream. But those viewers will be bitterly disappointed when their chat messages are not replied to, or if the chat consists of automated messages transmitted by the view bots.

Streamers that use these bots in the Casino section may also be under the false impression that it will result in a fast ticket to partnership. Little do they know that Casino streamers are not legible for partnership, so their investment in the bot software will never see a proper return.

All that these fake streamers want to do is get quick affiliate commission by hoping that viewers click on the links to the respective casino or casinos. The links are prominently displayed underneath the stream with little or no information about the streamer or the channel.

So how do you know if a streamer is using view bots? Clicking on the respective channel and seeing the number of followers gives a good clue. Some of the fake channels had 200 followers, yet had in excess of 2,000 viewers. This is neigh on possible and it is the first clue that a view bot programme is artificially boosting the numbers.

The second clue can be found by clicking on the viewers list. Look at the names and you see patterns forming. Usernames are not genuine with most of them ending with numbers.

The final clue is simply observing the chat. Some of the cheaper view bot programmes don’t make chat messages so if the chat is empty, yet there are hundreds or thousands of viewers, there surely is something amiss. Equally, view bots are easily spotted because they repeat the messages if they are capable of participating in chat.

So the best thing to do when spotting a streamer that you suspect uses view bots, is to report it to Twitch via the button at the bottom right of the stream.

To know for sure if a channel is genuine and free of view bots, please refer to the excellent Casinogrounds website that lists a lot of the genuine streamers on their home page. A schedule of their forthcoming streams is shown on the right hand side for easy reference.

Off course, not all of the streamers are listed on Casinogrounds but it is not too difficult to spot the genuine ones if you take the above mentioned tips into consideration.

Happy casino viewing on Twitch!

Streaming schedule for w/c 26th September 2016

Following a two week break, I will be back to streaming again week commencing 26 September 2016 with streams scheduled as follows:

  • Friday 30th September 2016 at 08:30 hrs
  • Saturday 1st October 2016 at 13:00 hrs

Times given are, as always, UK times.

You can catch my stream on either Twitch or Youtube.

As always, I will be playing on Videoslots Casino, simply because if you’re lucky enough to win you know that the money will be with you very fast. That is in addition to the other benefits you get playing at the casino, such as: weekly cash back, weekly casino race, daily free roll battles and much more.

Live slot play now at Youtube too!

Not only can you watch my stream on Twitch, as with immediate effect you can also watch it on Youtube.

I will be streaming on a regular basis (approximately 3 – 4 times per week) with each stream starting at 08:30AM UK time.

My preferred casino where I play is Videoslots casino. They not only offer a wide range of slots, you can enjoy weekly cashback, race money, free roll battles and numerous rewards for just playing slots. All of these rewards are absolutely wager free!

Please join me when you can. I will be posting a streaming schedule each week for the forthcoming week.

See you guys all in the next stream!

Slotplayers now on Twitch with regular streams!


Some exciting news for those that like to watch slot play live on their computer.

I will be having regular slot play sessions on Twitch. Slot requests are taken regularly during the stream, especially when things don’t go that well and inspiration is required to get the balance going north rather than south!!.

The next stream will be starting on Thursday 2nd June 2016 at 09:00 hrs UK time. We have regularly in excess of 30 viewers and the chat sessions are usually very active. Surprise visits from the staff of Videoslots Casino have also been witnessed who may or may not offer some generous freebies to the viewers.

Each of the sessions usually lasts until 12noon or until the money runs out.

Join me and watch out here for a schedule of the streams.

Dead or Alive session at Betat Casino on 23rd August 2015

Despite the last post saying the Netent slot Dead or Alive will not be played for another 4 days or so, an email from Betat Casino dropped into my email box. It was then I noticed that I hadn’t played at the Casino for a while. If only that email never arrived, I would have been £25 better off.

The session started really well. The very 1st spin resulted in a bonus round that paid 33x the bet size of £0.09. By the 50th spin, the slot was generous enough to give me a total of 4 bonus rounds! At the end of 100 spins, I was up £10.34. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have cashed out there and then, but when the slot plays like this, you feel inclined to keep playing.

Needless to say, things went slowly but gradually wrong from there. The money lasted a total of 1,714 spins with a total of 15 bonus rounds played that paid an average of 24x bet. Basic maths tells us the bonus round was triggered every 114 spins, which is not too shabby and well under my current average of a bonus round every 160 spins since I started to keep detailed play statistics.

The casino until the end of August 2015 has a summer contest on the Casinomeister website. Each member of Casinomeister can enter the competition when playing at Betat casino and is in with a chance of some serious money if you’re lucky enough to get a high paying win. To join the excellent Casinomeister forum, please click here.

Back to the latest session, this is how it progressed:

Fancy playing at Betat Casino? You may read our review first, or alternatively – because you can trust us to recommend good casinos only – click the play button below: