Slot Streaming Schedule for week commencing 31st July 2017

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleAfter not a so good last week, we will try it again the coming week with live streams at Novibet Casino as follows:

  • Monday 31st July 2017 from 0830 until 1200
  • Tuesday 1st August 2017 from 0830 until 1200
  • Wednesday 2nd August 2017 from 0830 until 1200
  • Thursday 3rd August 2017 from 0830 until 1200

As always, all times quoted are UK times with the finishing time dependent on how the balance is looking like. Re-deposits are preferably avoided so here is hoping that the slot gods are kinder than that they were last week.

The live streams can be found on both my Youtube and Twitch channels. I recommend that you follow me on Twitch and/or subscribe to my Youtube channel to get instant notification when the stream goes live. Occasionally the streams start a little earlier and you don’t want to miss any big win action now!

Bet sizes vary between £0.60 and £1.20 with the occasional spin of £2 if the balance allows.

Talking about £2 spins. I was lucky last week and hit very decent on the Big Time Gaming Slot Bonanza off stream. As always, I record all of my play and the more than decent win has been posted on my Youtube channel and is found below for your convenience:

This win was on Mr Smith casino that I just joined, purely to play Bonanza. Call it beginners luck if you like, but you will  not hear me complaining of wins in excess of 1,000x; especially not when they are at £2 a spin which is considered high rolling for me.

Going forward, I am considering mixing up casinos a little and most probably will start playing at Winning Room casino. Doing this enables me to play an even larger variety of slots as they have slots by Big Time Gaming, Thunderkick and Play N Go amongst others that are sadly missing from Novibet Casino.

That is enough rambling from me (more of that in my streams for sure!!) so that leaves me to looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Until then, may the slots be lucky for you!

Streaming schedule for week commencing 24th July 2017

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

Another week and time for some more fun on the slots. My streaming schedule for the week is as follows:

  • Monday 24th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Tuesday 25th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Wednesday 26th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00

Times quoted, as always, are UK times and the finish time of each stream is subject to the starting fund lasting as the aim is to avoid a redeposit where possible.

Play will be at the excellent Novibet Casino with a variety of slots by a variety of providers. As is the norm, I am open to slot suggestions and if a slot suggestion made by my viewers is available, I more likely than not will play it in the hope of a big win.

Talking about big wins, let’s hope that there is a repetition of the mega big win on the Dead or Alive slot by Netent. Those of you that watched my stream last week, may recall the 5 scatter drop in for an instant 2,500x bet size win. It resulted in a nice withdrawal of £900 off a deposit of £200. And for those of you that missed that win, it is available for your viewing pleasure on my Youtube channel:

Please make sure that you subscribe to my Youtube channel and / or follow me on Twitch so that you receive instant notification when I am live with my streams. Alternatively, my streaming schedule can also be found on the more than excellent Casinogrounds website where you can also find me hanging round the forum.

For those of you that are new to my streams, you will soon get used to the relatively low bets that I play (stake size usually sits between £0.60 and £1.20 a spin), friendly banter and conversations in chat and sometimes (well most of the times) a lot of cursing by myself to the slots.

Hope to see you all next week!

Mega win on Black Knight II slot | WMS | Videoslots Casino

Some Sunday morning early slotting at my favourite casino, Videoslots.

Balance was dropping down rather quickly at pretty high stakes, when this beauty of a bonus round dropped in. It resulted in a nice withdrawal of course:

You too can play at Videoslots Casino by clicking the below button:


New slot – Cloud Quest by Play N Go plus big win video

Slot developer Play N Go recently released a new slot called Cloud Quest.

Unlike ordinary slot machines, this slot does not have spinning reels as such. Instead there is a 5 x 5 grid showing the symbols. A win is triggered by matching at least three symbols horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The winning combination is then removed from the grid and the remaining symbols tumble down (if applicable). On a win, the middle symbol turns wild and remains and tumbles on the screen.

The features can be triggered two ways.

The first way is by clearing the “bonus” line. Once that is done, you get up to 17 free spins on a 3 reel slot with a win potential of 100x bet.

The second way is via the wheel that is displayed on the right hand side of the slot. For each winning combination containing the special symbol, a segment of the wheels is lit up. The wheel at the end of the tumble then spins and if it lands on the lit symbol, one of the four features is triggered.

If the whole of the screen is cleared, a prize of 500x bet is awarded. If this were to happen during the 5x win feature on the wheels, the maximum pay out of 2,500x bet is achieved.

The slot has great potential as the below video shows. I had a great win at Videoslots casino clearing the screen for a £500 win. However, big wins are not given very often by the slot but it is not a balance drainer either with small wins very often awarded, keeping the balance ticking along nicely. I would say it is therefore a medium variance game.

Cloud Quest can be played at any of the following casinos that we recommend:

Maria Casino:

Unibet Casino:

Videoslots Casino:

A happy New Year and site update

I don’t believe that it is too late to wish all of the readers of the blog a very happy  and lucky New Year!

Since the last blog post, the Netent slot Dead or Alive has been on fire for me. Where previously I could not hit a wild line, they have been dropping in very fast since I started to play again back in November 2015. Since then, I managed to get a total of 12 wild lines plus one 5 scatter win paying 2,500x bet.

Needless to say, I am well up on the slot and I want to keep it that way. A more recent session took me back to reality with the slot playing very poorly. I will therefore give it a little rest playing at higher stakes and will only play the odd £25 deposit now and then at £0.09 a spin.

I also had some recent luck with the WMS game Wishing you Luck. This recently released slot has a number of different bonus games. I had big wins on two of these bonus rounds  – twice on the bonus reel with a £150 major jackpot and once on the free spins paying just under £200 on a £1.20 stake.

Here is a video that can be found on our Youtube channel showing one of the big wins on Wishing our Fortune at £0.40 a spin:

More recently I have been mixing up slots a lot with an element of success. I had good wins on Ruby Slippers (a slot by WMS), Raging Rhino (also by WMS) and Secret of the Stones (a slot by Netent).

In terms of casinos, most of my play is still at Videoslots Casino because the payments in case of a win are very fast, each spin over £0.20 is counted in the weekly casino race with real wager free cash prices and on top of that, there is cash back awarded and paid out (wager free again!) each Friday for the preceding week.

And finally an update on the website. I will get round to doing the slot section over the next few months. Work has been rather busy recently but things should quite down over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I will post more news as and when I receive it and will keep the readers of this blog updated on how my slot play fairs.

Two different sessions of Dead or Alive slot play

Made a couple more deposits at two casinos over the past few days with two totally different results.

The first deposit was for £150 that lasted a massive 6,857 spins at Videoslots casino. The RTP for the session was an impressive 91.9% with a total of 47 bonus rounds with the best of them paying 474x bet as the below video shows:

The other deposit was just the £25 at Unibet casino that lasted a very poor 755 spins with just the 4 bonus rounds. Total RTP for this session was a paltry 74.4%. Very forgettable indeed!

Dead or Alive – another mega win!

Well would you believe it (as Victor Meldrew would say), the Netent slot Dead or Alive is being very kind to me today.

Some 2,000 or so spins after the 5 scatter win that paid 2,500x stake, a wild line dropped in during a bonus round whilst playing at £0.09 a spin at Unibet casino.

As always, Bandicam made a recording of the bonus round:

Fancy your luck playing at Unibet?

Dead or Alive – mission complete. Mega big win

Well it finally happened and the mission is now complete. Here is the one I have been waiting for such a long time:

The 5 scatter win paying 2,500x bet. The subsequent spins paid an extra 5x bet.

Thankfully the decision, as made in the previous post, of depositing £150 was a good one. Unfortunately the bet was not at £0.45 because I only dropped it to £0.27 a few 100 spins earlier because the slot wasn’t paying that well.

Once again, Videoslots casino is proving to be a very lucky casino for me. You too can be lucky at them with some great welcome offers and excellent customer service and quick withdrawals:

A mistake deposit results in an unexpected win at Casino Cruise

Browsing on Google for casinos that offer deposit bonuses for new accounts, I stumbled across Casino Cruise. A 100% match was attractive enough, so I deposited £25 which was matched instantly by £25.

The Netent slot Dead or Alive was loaded but upon the first spin, an error message appeared notifying me that there were not sufficient funds available to play. On checking the terms and conditions attached to the welcome bonus, it transpired that this slot is excluded when playing with bonus money. An error on my part for not reading the terms and conditions properly.

Thankfully, I could reverse the bonus so I was left with £25 to play with. This mistake (I wouldn’t have deposited at the casino if there wasn’t this welcome bonus) turned out to be one of the better sessions I had on the slot.

The end result was a withdrawal of £58.11 thanks to good play time and a generous bonus round that paid 408x bet. During the 1,165 spins played, a total of 12 bonus rounds were awarded (one every 97 spins) and I had a sheriff badge win line during normal play.

This is how play progressed to the withdrawal stage:

As always, I record the bonus rounds using the video capturing software Bandicam and posted the win to our Youtube channel:

Now that funds are available again to play with, a deposit of £50 will be happening at Videoslots casino in due course. As always, progress of how that money was played will be posted here on this blog.

Dead or Alive mega big win at Videoslots Casino

Well it took well over 200 bonus rounds, but it finally dropped in again. A wild line win during the extra rounds playing at £0.18 a spin at Videoslots Casino. Total win was 2,484x bet.

What makes this win even better is that it took no investment as such. The money used to gain this win was earned via the weekly slot race and cashback during last week’s play.

You too can earn big playing this slot at Videoslots Casino: