Best Youtube online slot channels

Best Youtube slot channels

Amongst the thousands of channels that are hosted on Youtube, there are quite a few that are well recommended if you enjoy watching slot play online.

I have listed below the ones that I recommend. Please take note that these channels are from those that as a rule don’t stream their slot play live on either Twitch, Youtube or any other streaming service. All of the channels feature slot play with real money and offer commentary in the English language.

Probably the oldest of the channels, I recommend you watch the channel of Dazza G, also known as Dunover. He plays a variety of slots at very sensible stakes. His arch enemy is most probably Raging Rhino, a slot by WMS that he likes and hates at the same time. It features a lot in his videos. His adult commentary is classic and after watching him for a while you will get used to terms such as “Turd of the unflushed toilet”, “Netent variance” and his most recent one “duff, duff, duff – fuck all”.

Arguably the most popular of the channels, The Bandit does not need any introduction. Steve creates some 3 to 4 videos a week that tend to be one hour in length. Betting size varies from £1.50 to very large bet sizes. He plays a large variety of slots from a large number of casinos. His sense of humour is very addictive and down to earth. Monthly competitions are also a feature of the channel with very generous cash giveaways for the loyal viewers each month.

A brand new channel that is recommended too is Beat the Novomatics. As the title suggests, it features Novomatic slot machines only. What makes this channel good is that it is different from the usual. A certain slot is selected each week and 100 spins are played each day on it. The aim is to beat the Novomatic by ending up in profit each day and preferably at the end of the week. Live commentary is provided, of course. At the time of writing this article the channel is very young, so any subscriptions to the channel will be appreciated by the creators of it. I can foresee it growing to become very popular!

What all of these channels have in common is that they feature the up and downs of online slot play. You will see losing as well as winning sessions unlike the many other channels that are on Youtube that just feature big wins. Whilst these channels, of course, have a purpose too; it makes you always wonder how much was invested to get those big wins shown.

My channel features a combination of streamed play and the big wins from them, and are clearly marked as such.

You can enjoy spending hours on Youtube watching online slots and I hope that my above mentioned recommendations will make that enjoyment even better.