The demise of 32 Red Casino – no longer recommended

The recent changes to the detriment of players, have resulted in me no longer recommending  32 Red Casino as a place to play slots and casino games.

Over the past year or so, measures have been taken by the casino to make the experience for he player more difficult.

It started with a pending period of up to 48 hours where any withdrawal can be reversed. You can also no longer flush the payment on request.

Then just before the Easter weekend they revamped some of their pages and they tinkered with the take a break option. Take a break is the option for a player to deactivate the account for a set period. It is different to self exclusion that should be used in case of gambling problems.

Where previously the take a break option was automated at 32 Red Casino, the change has resulted in having to navigate a number of pages, including having to re-log in, with the end result having to send an email to the support team which they in turn require to read and action. Furthermore, during this process there are a large number of “cancel” options in an attempt to encourage the player not to take a break.

Their online live chat is also very cumbersome to reach with, again, a large number of clicks required unlike other casinos where live chat is reachable by one click – just as it needs to be.

32 Red has grown over the years to the point it appears it no longer cares about their customer but is more interested in the bottom line. Just like Tesco (as a comparison) all it will result in is customers leaving for their competitors.

Our recommended casinos pay fast, offer a good player experience and behave ethical. We recommend you sign up with them instead of 32 Red Casino.

If you do have an account with 32 Red Casino, you may with to consider closing it to have your voice heard. Only then will they perhaps see the error of their ways.