Another two sessions of Dead or Alive slot game play

It was time for some more Netent slot Dead or Alive game play.

The first of the two sessions was played with free money courtesy of Videoslots casino thanks to money earned during the slot race and cashback. A total of £40.77 was played through at £0.18 and £0.09 bet sizes. The session lasted some 1,878 spins with a total of 9 bonus rounds (one every 208 spins on average) with a total RTP of 82.5%:

The second session was at a new casino, namely Bet-at-Home. The reason for a deposit as this new casino was a 100% deposit match that was needed because the game has been very unkind for me. It has been a while since a significant win and the more funds the better.

The session lasted a total of 1,683 spins with 6 bonus rounds, or one every 280 spins on average which is very poor. The RTP was also a disappointing 78%. Whilst that is never a reason not to play at a casino (the spin result is generated from the Netent server after all), the lag of the play certainly does. Really slow spinning wheels with a couple of disconnects too.

We are now on 25,310 spins and 154 bonus rounds since the last wild line win. How many more before the next one?

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