Two very contrasting sessions on Dead or Alive slot

Two different sessions played at Videoslots casino and what a difference they made.

The first session lasted just the 1,542 spins on a mixture of £0.45 and £0.27 bets. There were just the 4 bonus rounds (once every 385 spins on average!) that paid a paltry 10x bet size on average with the highest of them paying just the 17x stake. There were plenty of picture win lines during normal play but these didn’t help the RTP which was a very poor 69.3% (£488.34 wagered in total).

After that session a total of 16,047 spins and 101 bonus rounds were played since the last 5 wild line win.

Thinking that things could only get better, another similar deposit was made.

And things did indeed go much better. The session lasted a very respectable 5,702 spins  playing a combination of £0.45 and £0.27 bets with a total of an impressive 38 bonus rounds (one every 150 spins on average) with two of these resulting in the extra 5 spins giving a decent return as was captured on the Bandicam capturing software. The video showing these two wins is shown below. In addition, the slot was kind enough to give the double sheriff badge win line during normal play. RTP for the session was a very good 92% (total wagered was £1,863.54)

Basic maths tells us that it now has been 21,749 spins and 139 bonus rounds since the last wild line win. Some cashback and money from the race at Videoslots will be used next week to test whether this is enough for the slot to give again big time.

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