Another poor session on Dead or Alive

The slot appears to be in one of those moods where it is not willing to give to the player.

A small deposit was made at Betat Casino in the hope to clock up some more spins and bonus rounds. This was not to be unfortunately.

Just 75 spins at £0.18 x brought the balance down quickly to the point where bet size had to be decreased to £0.09 a spin.

Even that didn’t wake the machine up into paying or giving bonus rounds for that matter as the below table shows.

The overall RTP was a very poor 71% with just the 881 spins made during the session. Just the 2 bonus rounds didn’t help the enjoyment playing this particular session. The bonus rounds paid very poorly too.

It was only because of the 1 relatively big win earlier in the session that the session lasted this long. Had the gun belts win not dropped in, the overall RTP would have been closer to 60%.

Since the last wild line win, a total of 10,203 spins have been made during which 62 bonus rounds were played out. This averages one every 164 spins which appears to be the norm.

Some cash back money is coming today from Videoslots that will be played through in the hope to clock up even more spins and bonus rounds, and who knows perhaps even a big win!

Here are the play statistics for the Betat session:

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