Dead or Alive session at Royal Panda casino

A new casino to try following feedback on the Casinomeister forum by one particular poster that complained he is getting very poor play time at Royal Panda casino.

A deposit of £25 was made and the usual strategy of varying the bet depending on the balance was applied. The session lasted a very respectable 1,578 spins with the overall RTP sitting at 87%.

Paying win lines during normal play was particularly good as the below table shows. The double sheriff badge win was the highest win for the session paying £20.

What was very disappointing were the number of bonus rounds (just the 6) and the pay out of these – a very poor 7x bet on average.

To summarise. It was the wins during ordinary play that kept the session lasting some 2.5 hours and making the RTP pretty good. Had it not been for these wins, I would have experienced similar play time to the poster on the Casinomeister forum.

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