7,000 spin monster session on Dead or Alive slot

What a great session it was. A total of almost 7,000 spins on various bet sizes on a total net deposit of just £55 with money still left to play with in due course.

The session began with a £25 deposit at Unibet casino. From the word go the machine was on fire so to speak and during the 120 spins that I played at the casino a total of 3 bonus rounds were played. The last of these paid a very satisfying 530x bet as was captured via Bandicam and posted on our Youtube channel:


Total money at that point in time stood at £120 so it was time to cash that out and play it (with a little extra) at Videoslots casino. The reason for this is that whilst Unibet is a very good casino (they are recommended here on our website – see our review), there are no extra incentives such as cashback or race money.

A few minutes later and £150 was deposited at Videoslots casino. This lasted 2,841 spins at bet sizes of £0.45, £0.27, £0.18 and £0.09. There were a total of 20 bonus rounds (one every 142 spins – very respectable) with plenty of 5 of a kind win lines during normal play too. Total RTP for this session was 79.4%:


A further deposit of £150 was then made at Videoslots and just 600 spins later the balance grew to £270 thanks to 6 bonus rounds and four times 5 of a kind line wins during normal play. The best of the bonus rounds paid 153x bet:

£150 was withdrawn from the account onto the debit card and the remainder of just under £107 was played through on bet sizes varying between £0.09 and £0.45. I ended the session with £37.86 still in the account. A total of 3,403 spins were made with 16 bonus rounds awarded by the slot (one every 212 spins on average). Three of these bonus rounds paid over 100x bet size with the last one that was played at £0.09 a spin paying a very respectable 262x bet size.

In addition to the game wins, there was also a surprise win of £53 due to 5 free spins that were awarded by the casino. Following suggestions made on the excellent Casinomeister forum, the casino gave its users the option to reset all of the achievements that are granted for each completed slot set. This in turn resulted that these can be collected from fresh with awards granted on the way. One of these awards was 5 free spins at £0.90 stake, the very 1st of which paid the £53:

This is how play progressed over the 3,403 spins:

So there you have it, a monster session of 6,964 spins during which 45 bonus rounds were played (once every 154 spins on average) with two of these resulting in the extra 5 spins because at least one wild was on one each of the reels during the bonus spins.

Total RTP for this very enjoyable session was total deposits of £325 minus £270 withdrawn from the casino minus £37.86 end balance  equals a total loss of £17.14 over a total wagering amount of £2,269.09 which in turn results in a return to player percentage of a very respectable 99.2% – the best session I ever had on the slot other than the mega big win ones. This was, of course, aided by the £53 win during the free spins.

Let’s see what the remainder of the money is going to turn into, if anything at all!!

Another two sessions of Dead or Alive slot game play

It was time for some more Netent slot Dead or Alive game play.

The first of the two sessions was played with free money courtesy of Videoslots casino thanks to money earned during the slot race and cashback. A total of £40.77 was played through at £0.18 and £0.09 bet sizes. The session lasted some 1,878 spins with a total of 9 bonus rounds (one every 208 spins on average) with a total RTP of 82.5%:

The second session was at a new casino, namely Bet-at-Home. The reason for a deposit as this new casino was a 100% deposit match that was needed because the game has been very unkind for me. It has been a while since a significant win and the more funds the better.

The session lasted a total of 1,683 spins with 6 bonus rounds, or one every 280 spins on average which is very poor. The RTP was also a disappointing 78%. Whilst that is never a reason not to play at a casino (the spin result is generated from the Netent server after all), the lag of the play certainly does. Really slow spinning wheels with a couple of disconnects too.

We are now on 25,310 spins and 154 bonus rounds since the last wild line win. How many more before the next one?

Two very contrasting sessions on Dead or Alive slot

Two different sessions played at Videoslots casino and what a difference they made.

The first session lasted just the 1,542 spins on a mixture of £0.45 and £0.27 bets. There were just the 4 bonus rounds (once every 385 spins on average!) that paid a paltry 10x bet size on average with the highest of them paying just the 17x stake. There were plenty of picture win lines during normal play but these didn’t help the RTP which was a very poor 69.3% (£488.34 wagered in total).

After that session a total of 16,047 spins and 101 bonus rounds were played since the last 5 wild line win.

Thinking that things could only get better, another similar deposit was made.

And things did indeed go much better. The session lasted a very respectable 5,702 spins  playing a combination of £0.45 and £0.27 bets with a total of an impressive 38 bonus rounds (one every 150 spins on average) with two of these resulting in the extra 5 spins giving a decent return as was captured on the Bandicam capturing software. The video showing these two wins is shown below. In addition, the slot was kind enough to give the double sheriff badge win line during normal play. RTP for the session was a very good 92% (total wagered was £1,863.54)


Basic maths tells us that it now has been 21,749 spins and 139 bonus rounds since the last wild line win. Some cashback and money from the race at Videoslots will be used next week to test whether this is enough for the slot to give again big time.

You too can earn cashback at Videoslots:

Three more sessions on Dead or Alive

Over the past 4 days or so, a total of 3 further sessions were played on the Netent slot Dead or Alive both at Videoslots and Unibet casino.

The first of the three sessions was with cashback money credited into the Videoslots account totalling £11.01. This money lasted a very good 1,299 spins and 14 bonus rounds with frequent 5 of a kind paying symbols too. The session RTP was a very respectable 90.6%:

The second of 3 sessions was played with a deposit of £25 at Unibet casino. Added to the odd pence already sitting in the account, a total of 1,655 spins were made with a very respectable and pleasing 17 bonus rounds given by the slot (one every 97 spins on average). Total RTP for the session was a not too shabby 84%:

The final session was played with race money earned during the weekly race completion at Videoslots casino. A total of £25.05 was played through which lasted 1,348 spins in a mixture of bet sizes. Total number of bonus rounds was a very disappointing 4 (or one every 337 spins on average!) with a sheriff badge win during normal play effectively keeping the session going. Despite the low number of bonus rounds, overall RTP was still an acceptable 86.6%:

Another poor session on Dead or Alive

The slot appears to be in one of those moods where it is not willing to give to the player.

A small deposit was made at Betat Casino in the hope to clock up some more spins and bonus rounds. This was not to be unfortunately.

Just 75 spins at £0.18 x brought the balance down quickly to the point where bet size had to be decreased to £0.09 a spin.

Even that didn’t wake the machine up into paying or giving bonus rounds for that matter as the below table shows.

The overall RTP was a very poor 71% with just the 881 spins made during the session. Just the 2 bonus rounds didn’t help the enjoyment playing this particular session. The bonus rounds paid very poorly too.

It was only because of the 1 relatively big win earlier in the session that the session lasted this long. Had the gun belts win not dropped in, the overall RTP would have been closer to 60%.

Since the last wild line win, a total of 10,203 spins have been made during which 62 bonus rounds were played out. This averages one every 164 spins which appears to be the norm.

Some cash back money is coming today from Videoslots that will be played through in the hope to clock up even more spins and bonus rounds, and who knows perhaps even a big win!

Here are the play statistics for the Betat session:

Two different sessions of Dead or Alive slot play

Made a couple more deposits at two casinos over the past few days with two totally different results.

The first deposit was for £150 that lasted a massive 6,857 spins at Videoslots casino. The RTP for the session was an impressive 91.9% with a total of 47 bonus rounds with the best of them paying 474x bet as the below video shows:


The other deposit was just the £25 at Unibet casino that lasted a very poor 755 spins with just the 4 bonus rounds. Total RTP for this session was a paltry 74.4%. Very forgettable indeed!

Dead or Alive free play at Video Slots casino

On Monday morning £18 dropped into my Videoslots account owing to monies earned during the weekly race.

The £18 lasted a very reasonable 1,710 spins returning a very respectable 88.8% RTP. A total of 9 bonus rounds, or once every 190 spins on average, paid an average of 32x bet.

Winning picture symbols were very good towards the end of the session as the below table shows:

Need to rack the number of bonus rounds up again for the next win so will be making a bigger than usual deposit later today to play through for a few hours.

Dead or Alive – another mega win!

Well would you believe it (as Victor Meldrew would say), the Netent slot Dead or Alive is being very kind to me today.

Some 2,000 or so spins after the 5 scatter win that paid 2,500x stake, a wild line dropped in during a bonus round whilst playing at £0.09 a spin at Unibet casino.

As always, Bandicam made a recording of the bonus round:


Fancy your luck playing at Unibet?

Dead or Alive – mission complete. Mega big win

Well it finally happened and the mission is now complete. Here is the one I have been waiting for such a long time:

The 5 scatter win paying 2,500x bet. The subsequent spins paid an extra 5x bet.

Thankfully the decision, as made in the previous post, of depositing £150 was a good one. Unfortunately the bet was not at £0.45 because I only dropped it to £0.27 a few 100 spins earlier because the slot wasn’t paying that well.

Once again, Videoslots casino is proving to be a very lucky casino for me. You too can be lucky at them with some great welcome offers and excellent customer service and quick withdrawals:

Dead or Alive session at Videoslots – there is a new sheriff in town

Applying the strategy that the wild line must be coming soon, a deposit of £150 was made at the excellent Videoslots casino.

The session started really well including a 97x bet bonus round and 2 separate sheriff badge wins. At some point in time the balance was peaking at £210.

Of note is the two sheriff badge wins. In the previous session at Royal Panda casino, I had such a win line too. Considering this is the highest paying winning symbol and it doesn’t fall very often, a new sheriff must therefore be in town.

This sheriff must also have taken away the scatter symbols because I have yet to see 5 of them appear for the 2,500x stake win.

A total of 20 bonus rounds were played during the session, meaning it was given by the slots once every 176 spins on average.

Overall RTP for the session was a respectable 87.9%.

Since the last wild line win, a total of 18,956 spins have been played during which 109 bonus rounds didn’t have the desired result of a mega big win. Those bonus rounds also didn’t result in the extra 5 spins that are awarded because a wild symbols appears on each of the reels.

I will deposit another £150 in due course and will play at £0.45 and £0.27 stakes. Whether this will prove to be a good idea will be revealed in due course.

Fancy have a go at playing at Videoslots?