Final Dead or Alive session for a while…

As the previous post stated, £300 was deposited at Videoslots Casino because “the wild line must be due”.

Statistically speaking, it has been worked out over millions of spins, a 5 wild line features appears every 135 spins on average. And that is just it… it doesn’t appear each 135th spin. You could have two of them within 2 spins for all the slot cares.

The session was quick and not so sweet at all. Basically, the machine was playing like dirt. Bonus rounds few and far between, ordinary win lines not appearing and the money could have easily be burned to give better pleasure.

The first 1,050 spins at £0.45 bought the balance down quickly to just over £150. During those spins, there were just the 7 bonus rounds (once every 150 spins on average) paying a very poor 20x bet on average. RTP at that point in time was a very poor 69.1% indicating the poor play time encountered.

Considering the slot was not playing well at all, with the benefit of hindsight I should have called it a day and cashed the remainder of the money in and reduced the losses. But no, I thought it may be wise to give the Netent slot Twin Spin a go for 100 spins.

Twin Spin is a slightly lower variance game. It is a 243 ways 5 reels / 3 rows slot. Two of the reels are joined together. The game does not have a bonus round, but on occasions the remaining up to 3 reels are joined with the other 2. When that happens, the bigger money can be won. The ideal spin is to have all 5 reels join together, which doesn’t happen very often. It did for me during the 100 spins at Videoslots but it paid a very disappointing 12x bet.

The 100 spins on Twin Spin didn’t pay off. I was hoping to increase the £150 balance but it went down to £125.16 making the Twin Spin session a very disappointing 42.4%.

So back to Dead or Alive. What a mistake that was. One of the worst session I played ever and I quickly cashed out on just under £50 because wasting money in such a manner is not my idea of fun. The spins were all at £0.27 and I managed 1 feature during the 550 spins that paid a paltry 12x bet. An RTP of 49.3% sums it about up!

This how the Dead or Alive play progressed in detail:

So, as the title of this post says, this was the final session of this slot for a while. I certainly spent my budget on this game over the past couple of days and I am not one for chasing losses. Overall, I am well up on this slot and I want it to stay that way!

When the cashback that I earned playing the £550 and the money from the race at Videoslots hits my account next week, I will play this slot again at my usual strategy of no more than £0.27 per spin and reducing the stake as the balance goes lower to get most playtime from the slot.