Videoslots casino introduces “Battle of Slots” feature

Some exciting news just dropped in from Videoslots casino.

They, today, have introduced a feature called “Battle of Slots” where players are encouraged to participate in tournaments for free or – to be introduced shortly – with a buy in.

The tournaments do require that your are registered at the casino and some tournaments require a certain amount deposited and wagered over a 24 hour period. Entries are mostly free of charge with free spin prizes to be won.

Games that are currently in the tournament are Starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk and Gonzo’s Quest.

This is an excellent addition to what is arguably the best casino already on the internet. They offer super fast pay outs, cash back each week and each spin over £0.20 is counted in the weekly race with wager free cash prizes up to £400 for the winner.

So don’t hesitate and sign up with the casino now. You are legible for a nice 100% deposit bonus, some free spins and £10 free cash to boot:

(Please take note that the 100% welcome bonus and £10 free cash are subject to wagering requirements)

Three Dead or Alive sessions played on 12th September 2015

Three casinos, three sessions on the Netent slot Dead or Alive with the same result – no significant wins.

The first of the three sessions was at Guts Casino. The money played through was free thanks to winnings on 10 free spins on Starburst (£0.90) and 55 free spins on Dead or Alive. Total starting point was therefore £5.85.

This lasted a total of 325 spins (RTP of 80%) with 5 bonus rounds paying an average of 11x bet. No big winning pay lines during normal play.

Play through was as follows:

A few click with the mouse later, and Unibet casino was loaded into the web browser. A deposit of £25 started off pretty well with one bonus round paying 130x bet. This luck didn’t last very long and the session lasted a total of 801 spins on a mixture of £0.18 and £0.09 bets. A very disappointing 2 bonus rounds in total during the session with a low overall RTP of just 72.4%:

The final of the three sessions was at Videoslots with free money thanks to cashback and race money. 566 spins later and we’re still awaiting the win line:

Dead or Alive session at Unibet on 8th September 2015

The last session before work calls was one at Unibet casino. A total of £25 was deposited.

Unlike previous sessions, all of the spins were made at £0.09 a go rather than starting higher and decreasing as the balance drops. The reason for this is to get as many spins in as cheap as possible to get to a total number of spins that gets closer to the slot giving a wild line.

Whilst this way of playing the machine is not guaranteed to result in the desired effect, it must be remembered that the more you play the slot the greater the chance of a big win. The key to being in profit is the amount you put in before that win comes. Anything less than the win and you’re in profit, anything more and you have reduced your losses.

The session lasted a disappointing 1,587 spins with just the 9 bonus rounds (one every 176 spins on average) that paid a paltry 21x bet on average. What this session kept going were the whiskey jars and sheriff badges wins.

Play statistics are as follows:

There will be no more play until Saturday when play will resume with free money. So far £5 earned via Videoslot’s weekly race, cashback money to come this Friday from Videoslots too and lastly any winnings from the 25 free spins on Starburst and the 55 free spins on Dead or Alive at Guts casino.

Out of interest, since the last mega win on this slot, a total of 12,175 spins have been made with a total of 70 bonus rounds. Is it time for a big win during the next session or two?

Reasonable play at Guts casino on Dead or Alive slot

This was my 1st deposit at Guts casino. I usually don’t deposit at casinos that charge you a fee when depositing money with a Visa debit card, but because of a contest on the Casinomeister forum and the 100% deposit match bonus, I made an exception.

The £25 that was deposited turned instantly into £50 with a very high wagering requirement. A big win was therefore not desired. The purpose of this session was to get more spins and bonus rounds under the belt.

Some 616 spins into the session I almost hit the wild line for a big win with more than £750 still to be wagered. On this occasion, thankfully the win was 346x bet. As always, the bonus round win was captured on video and posted on our Youtube channel:

The overall session returned to player 84.5% of the amount wagered with a total of 2,168 spins on a mixture of £0.27, £0.18 and £0.09 bets. Total bonus rounds given by the slot was 14, meaning that it triggered every 154 spins on average.

Session statistics are as follows:

25 free spins on Starburst slot are coming my way tomorrow as well as 55 free spins on Dead or Alive, so hopefully winnings from these are going to give me some more play time at this casino.

10 Free spins turn into over 1,300 spins on Dead or Alive slot

On Thursday, an email dropped into my email box from Betat Casino. They credited 10 free spins on the Netent slot Starburst to my account. Nothing gained, nothing ventured, these 10 spins were played instantly and lady luck awarded £0.97.

A few clicks later and Dead or Alive was loaded at the same casino. A wagering requirement of just over £19 was attached to winnings from the free spins. Five spins later on Dead or Alive and my balance was reading £10.11 thanks to a bonus round win paying just over 100x bet.

The £10.11 was played through this morning and the session lasted a very good 1,377 spins. The majority of these spins were at £0.09 a bet with 100 of them at £0.18 a bet when the balance crept up to £23.50. A total of 12 bonus rounds were awarded (one every 114 spins on average) paying an average of 26x stake. Overall session RTP was a very respectable 92.4%.

Session statistics:

It has now been 29,463 spins and 190 bonus rounds since the last 5 wild line mega win or 5 extra free spins during the bonus round.

Some money dropped into my Videoslots account last Monday and today thanks to winnings on the weekly race and cashback that will be played through later today.

You too can play at Betat Casino: