Four more session on Dead or Alive slot

Four more session on the Netent Dead or Alive slot and the frustration aired in the previous post is continuing.

The first of the four sessions was a deposit of £300 played at £0.45, £0.27, £0.18 and then £0.09 stakes. Despite having 28 bonus rounds during the 4,970 spins played, there was nothing notable to report. Overall RTP was 81.4% with the highest free spins rounds paying 197x bet. At the end of the session, a total of £11.93 was left to play with the following day. This session was played at Videoslots casino.

The second session started with the above mentioned balance plus some cashback money earned from the previous week at Videoslots casino. The session lasted a total of 1,027 spins at the lowest bet of £0.09 with a total of 9 bonus rounds awarded by the slot, which is a respectable once every 114 spins on average. It is a crying shame that those bonus rounds paid peanuts so to speak with the highest of them paying a pathetic 28x bet!

The third session was a quick monthly deposit of just the £5 at Slots Magic casino. It was not only a quick deposit, but also a very quick session of just the 146 spins with no bonus rounds. It served as a good reminder that this casino, for me, is just not a lucky one!

The final session was once again at Videoslots. Race and cashback money totalling £31.74 was played through. The session lasted 1,138 spins with a bonus round every 126 spins on average. Of the 9 bonus rounds, the biggest win was just the 32x bet. Total RTP for this session was a very poor 69.1%.

Since the last wild line win quite some weeks ago (it certainly feels like it has been years ago), a massive 93,513 spins have been made during which 597 bonus rounds were played. The money “invested” during these spins will take some big wins to recover, or alternatively some modest high wins at higher stakes which is a very risky strategy.

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be giving this slot a bit of rest after the very last deposit I am going to make today (I promise this time!). Hopefully £25 at Betat casino will change my luck. Fingers crossed and all that good stuff!

Dead or Alive slot play at Slots Magic and Unibet casinos

Two small deposits for the day.

The first of the two deposits was £5 at Slots Magic casino. This casino has been very unlucky for me in the past, hence depositing only a very small amount of money. As per previous play at this casino, the session didn’t last very long. At £0.09 a spin, just the 201 spins were given by the slot. Total RTP for this very short but not so sweet session was a disappointing 72.7%.

Statistics for the Slots Magic session:

A few clicks with the mouse later, and Unibet casino was loaded into the web browser where I took advantage of a 25% deposit bonus. £25 was deposited that turned – like magic – into £31.25.  There was wagering requirement attached to this deposit bonus, but this was cleared pretty quick.

The Unibet session lasted a little longer than the disappointing one at Slots Magic. A total of 1,630 spins were played with 9 bonus rounds (one every 181 spins on average). The bonus rounds played an average of just 18x bet. Total RTP for the session was 84.3%.

Play statistics:

Since the last mega win yesterday, a total of 3,701 spins have been made with 17 features awarded by the slot. This is a disappointing  feature every 217 spins on average. The only good thing about this snippet of information is that things can only get better.

Dead or Alive slot play 4th September – we’re doing it all over again

Following the latest monster win, I withdrew £400 from Videoslots Casino and played with the remainder of the winnings – £74.64.

The usual strategy of playing £0.27 spins, dropping down to £0.18 and then £0.09 at the £36 and £18 marks respectively was applied. I didn’t expect another big win so quick after the last one, and the slot didn’t disappoint regarding this.

The session lasted a disappointing 1,870 spins playing a total of just the 8 features (once every 233 spins on average). The feature paid an average of 23x bet. Total RTP for the session was a very low 75.3%.

Here is the usual table showing how play progressed:


Today I will be depositing at Slots Magic casino and Unibet and see if the slot is going to give me the 5 scatters during normal play. Updates will follow during the day.

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