Four more sessions on Dead or Alive at various casinos

A total of almost 6,000 spins were made at three casinos yesterday and the early part of this morning.

The first of four sessions was playing out the remainder of the money sitting in the Videoslots casino. The session lasted a total of 1,406 spins at £0.18 and £0.09 bet sizes with 9 bonus rounds played through (one every 156 on average). The total RTP was a disappointing 75.4%. The bonus rounds paid an average 25x bet:

The second session was at Mr Green Casino where I had not played for a while. The reason for this was because an email dropped into my email account letting me know that I had 25 free spins on the newly released slot “Mr Green Moonlight”. These 25 free spins resulted in a win of £17.41 that was used to play Dead or Alive with. The session lasted a total of 703 spins resulting in a RTP of 73.6%. A total of 6 bonus rounds were played (pretty frequent at one every 117 spins on average):

Will I be playing at Mr Green casino again? No is the quick answer. The reason for this is that during the session the responsible gaming warning that is shown every hour or so was displayed during one of the spins. It not only interrupted the spin, the game reloaded itself too. All the other casinos that I play at, this warning message is shown when the game is paused so it doesn’t effect gameplay. Until such time Mr Green Casino has sorted this out, I will not be depositing anymore.

The third session was played at Betat Casino. A deposit of £25 was made that lasted a total of 1,402 spins with a RTP of 85.6%. The session started off pretty well with a sheriff badge win within the first 100 spins. A total of 9 bonus rounds were given by the slot, meaning that they appeared every 155 spins on average:

The final of the four sessions was played at Videoslots casino. A £75 deposit lasted 2,412 spins with 20 bonus rounds played (one every 120 spins on average – pretty good). There was a distinct lack of high paying 5 of a kind symbol wins during normal play. Total RTP for the session was a decent 84.6%:

Since the last wild line win, a total of 38,197 spins have been made during which 244 bonus rounds were played. A big win surely must be due very soon (well statistically speaking).