Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 15th July 2019

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

Hopefully next week is going to better than the week that just finished in terms of cash outs. Just the one stream next week due to work and family commitments:

  • Monday 15th July 2019 at 08:30 hrs

As always, the time quoted is UK time. The stream can be watched on either my Youtube or Twitch channel. Slot requests are taken, chat is active and lively and if you’re into a little bit of swearing, the slots usually make me do it!

I am proud to be a member of Casinogrounds where you can find mine as well as other popular streamers schedule. On the website you will find a very active and friendly forum where you can post your big win pictures and videos as well as find a variety of interesting topics regarding slots and casinos.

On Monday I will be playing at the more than excellent CasinoCasino. With a wide variety of slots available you will never be bored getting some entertainment from your slotting session. If you were to lose your deposit, you can look forward to 10% wager free cashback of the net loss for the day. This is available 24 hours after your first deposit and, as stated, is wager free so you’re free to withdraw it or use it as a starting point for your next session. Usual terms- and conditions apply that I strongly suggest you check out.

Until Monday, may the slots be lucky for you!

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule for week commencing 1st July 2019

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

There is going to be just the one stream next week due to work commitments and a family barbecue whilst the weather is still very pleasant in the UK. The stream will be broadcasted live on Twitch and Youtube as follows:

  • Friday 5th July 2019 at 07:30

Time quoted is UK time but as the stream may start a little earlier or later, I advise my loyal readers and viewers to either subscribe to my Youtube channel or follow me on Twitch. I won’t mind if you do both too to be honest!

More likely than not, I will be doing another bonus hunt considering that the one that I completed today was rather profitable. A total of 18 bonuses from a £600 deposit resulted in a cash out of £1400 in total. Let’s see if we can repeat that next week.

If you want to share a big win, why not make a post on the excellent Casinogrounds forum where you can find me hanging out from time to time.

Until next week, let the slots be lucky for you too!

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 12th March 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleWe have the delights of 3 streams for the week that can be watched on either my Youtube or Twitch channel as follows:

  • Tuesday 13th March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Wednesday 14th March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Thursday 15th March from 08:30 until 12:00

The week will kick off with a raw deposit at the excellent Betat Casino. No worries about beating the wagering, just pure fun slot play with hopefully a nice withdrawal at the end of the stream. Hopefully the Big Time Gaming slots are back up and running again, so that Bonanza can be played again for a few spins.

On Wednesday we will continue our search for a win at Winning Room Casino. Viewers by now will be familiar with the starting point of a deposit plus 100% match bonus with a wagering challenge of 70x the bonus! Mission impossible? Well, we did it once so let’s try it again.

The final stream of the week will feature Videoslots Casino. A raw deposit will be used to play games by mainly Novomatic, WMS and Merkur. Playing these kind of slots usually results in either a quick bust or a happy withdrawal ending. For that reason, don’t be surprised if the stream doesn’t quite last the planned 3.5 hours.

Remember to check out my streaming schedule on the Casinogrounds website. Amongst my channel you will find the schedule of popular streamers such as Slotspinner, Nickslots, Letsgiveitaspin, David Labowsky, Casinoreggie, Huggehugg and Supersmask.

Until Tuesday, may the slots be lucky for you!

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 5th February 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleAfter a week that started well but then went rapidly down hill, we shall try it all over again next week as follows:

  • Thursday 8th February from 0830 until 1200
  • Friday 9th February from 0830 until 1200
  • Saturday 10th February from 1300 until 2000

Unlike other weeks, the above schedule is going to be very much subject to change due to some social events planned during the week starting with the Casinomeister forum meet on Tuesday night. I am also planning to meet up with the guys from Casinogrounds during the week, hence the possible tweaks to the above mentioned schedule.

For that reason, I strongly suggest that you subscribe and/or follow my Youtube and Twitch channels respectively and set notifications to active. You will get an email notification as soon as I go live, meaning that you will not miss any of the action that may or may not happen!

Until next week, may the slots be lucky for you!

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 30th October 2017

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

After a marathon 8 hour session today, we will continue with wagering on the first of the following two streams next week:

  • Monday 30th October from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Saturday 4th November from 13:00 until 19:00

During the above mentioned marathon stream bonus funds were hit, meaning a wagering challenge of £10,500 with just £300 bonus founds. After a good 6 hours worth of play the balance ended with £2,400 with just £2,100 of the wagering remaining. In other words, a cash out is guaranteed. The question is, how much is it going too be?

On Monday we will start with playing at Winning Room casino until completion of the wagering. Depending on the time, we will then switch to Novibet casino for some WMS action.

In my previous post, I mentioned that future play may well be witnessed on Vera & John Casino. However, this will now no longer be the case. The reason being that they are not keen having their casino show cased on Twitch. Perhaps my potty mouth on stream isn’t to their liking?

As always, you can watch all of my streams on either Youtube or Twitch and subscribing or following me respectively will ensure you get notified when I go live which may sometimes be a little earlier than scheduled.

Finally, my streaming schedule is also posted on a weekly basis on the Casinogrounds website that has a very active forum where you can participate and post your big winning screen shots or Youtube videos.

Until next week, may the slots be as lucky for you as they were this week for me!!

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 9th October 2017

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

The week will start off a little later than usual due to work commitments, but despite of that still plenty of streams for you to enjoy as follows:

  • Wednesday 11th October 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Thursday 12th October 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Friday 13th October 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Saturday 14th October 2017 from 13:00 until 18:00 and then again from 00:00 until 03:00

As always, all times are UK times with the finishing times depending on how the bankroll is going (if finishing early) or if wagering is to be completed (if finishing later).

The main casinos that will be featured are Winning Room and Novibet with the odd visit to alternative casinos if my mood takes me to wanting to play Novomatic and Merkur games.

The streams are available for your viewing and participation pleasure on both my Twitch and Youtube channels. I recommend that you either follow or subscribe to them to be notified when the streams go live as they occasionally may start a little earlier. You don’t want to miss any big win action for sure!

My streaming schedule is also available on the Casinogrounds website amongst others such as Nickslots, Letsgiveitaspin, David Labowski and Slotspinner. The website contains lots of casino and slot information and has an active forum for all matters casino related.

I look forward to seeing you all next week and in the meantime, let the slots be lucky for you!

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 28th August 2017

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

After a rather mixed week that just finished, we shall try it again next week. A busy week for me, so there will be just the two live streams as follows:

  • Friday 1st September 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Saturday 2nd September 2017 from 13:00 until 18:00

As always, the live streams may be watched on either my Twitch or Youtube channel. Following or subscribing to these channels will ensure that you will not miss a single moment of the stream because they may occasionally start a little earlier and it is not unknown for a big hit to occur during the very first few spins of the session!

Play will be at Winning Room and Novibet casinos with deposits between £200 and £300. At times, I do play with deposit match bonuses so the starting balance may well be higher, but there is then a wagering challenge to think about.

The reason for playing at a mixture of casinos is that it gives me a greater variety of slot providers as each of the two casinos does not have all of the slot providers. As an example, if I fancy playing slots by WMS, I will have to play these at Novibet. On the other hand, if I fancy playing slots by Thunderkick, I will have to switch casino to Winning Room.

My streaming schedule is also posted on the Casinogrounds website where you can also find me on their forums. Casinogrounds is a community for casino streamers that are genuine so all of their vetted streamers such as Letsgiveitaspin, Nickslots, Casinomon, David Labowski and Slotspinner are featured with their streaming schedule shown too.

I look forward to hopefully a profitable week and if you can join me on either Youtube or Twitch, then please do. The chat rooms are very friendly and you get to hear my moaning and occasionally swearing at the slots.

Happy spinning and see you all next week!

Streaming schedule for week commencing 24th July 2017

Slotplayer Streaming Schedule

Another week and time for some more fun on the slots. My streaming schedule for the week is as follows:

  • Monday 24th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Tuesday 25th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Wednesday 26th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00

Times quoted, as always, are UK times and the finish time of each stream is subject to the starting fund lasting as the aim is to avoid a redeposit where possible.

Play will be at the excellent Novibet Casino with a variety of slots by a variety of providers. As is the norm, I am open to slot suggestions and if a slot suggestion made by my viewers is available, I more likely than not will play it in the hope of a big win.

Talking about big wins, let’s hope that there is a repetition of the mega big win on the Dead or Alive slot by Netent. Those of you that watched my stream last week, may recall the 5 scatter drop in for an instant 2,500x bet size win. It resulted in a nice withdrawal of £900 off a deposit of £200. And for those of you that missed that win, it is available for your viewing pleasure on my Youtube channel:

Please make sure that you subscribe to my Youtube channel and / or follow me on Twitch so that you receive instant notification when I am live with my streams. Alternatively, my streaming schedule can also be found on the more than excellent Casinogrounds website where you can also find me hanging round the forum.

For those of you that are new to my streams, you will soon get used to the relatively low bets that I play (stake size usually sits between £0.60 and £1.20 a spin), friendly banter and conversations in chat and sometimes (well most of the times) a lot of cursing by myself to the slots.

Hope to see you all next week!

Streaming schedule for week commencing 17th July 2017

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleA new week and I will be live again on both Youtube and of course Twitch. My streaming schedule for the week will be as follows:

Monday 17th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00

Tuesday 18th July 2017 from 08:30 until 12:00

All times quoted are UK times with the finishing times of the stream depending on the balance of the casino account. Once the money is gone it is gone – there will be no re-deposits! Starting balance each stream will be £200 without a bonus so no wagering to worry about.

Play will be at the excellent Novibet casino and a variety of slots by a variety of providers will be played. Slots requests from the viewers are – as always – welcomed and most of the time accommodated.

The bet size of each spin will depend on the bankroll, so don’t be offended if you see me play Immortal Romance on £0.30 a spin! Slot play is for entertainment purposes only with any cash outs the icing on the cake. Fingers crossed such a cash out will be forthcoming during one of my streams. Who knows, you may even witness a Youtube moment!!!

Please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and/or follow me on Twitch to get instant notifications of any future live streams.

You may also wish to pop over to the excellent Casinogrounds website where my streaming schedule is also posted. The site has an excellent forum too where you will find me posting all sorts of stuff. You too can post your contributions or even your big wins that may be featured in one of the Casinogrounds weekly videos on their Youtube channel.

Please do join me on Monday and Tuesday for some live slot action, chat interaction and who knows, perhaps even some big wins!

See you then! and the view bots in the Casino section

Twitch viewbots

Those familiar with the Twitch Casino section know the frustration of seeing channels listed that have in excess of 1,000 viewers. Whilst there are genuine channels that have this number of viewers, it is safe to say that most of these channels have these numbers because they use so called view bots.

Recently, Twitch has taken action against these channels that were using view bots to boost their viewers. Channels have finally been closed down, it resulting in the genuine channels again taking correct rank in the listing.

So why do these streamers use view bots? Having a high number of viewers ensures that the channel is listed first in the respective directory. It shows that the stream is popular with active chat, so the tendency for visitors is to go into that stream. But those viewers will be bitterly disappointed when their chat messages are not replied to, or if the chat consists of automated messages transmitted by the view bots.

Streamers that use these bots in the Casino section may also be under the false impression that it will result in a fast ticket to partnership. Little do they know that Casino streamers are not legible for partnership, so their investment in the bot software will never see a proper return.

All that these fake streamers want to do is get quick affiliate commission by hoping that viewers click on the links to the respective casino or casinos. The links are prominently displayed underneath the stream with little or no information about the streamer or the channel.

So how do you know if a streamer is using view bots? Clicking on the respective channel and seeing the number of followers gives a good clue. Some of the fake channels had 200 followers, yet had in excess of 2,000 viewers. This is neigh on possible and it is the first clue that a view bot programme is artificially boosting the numbers.

The second clue can be found by clicking on the viewers list. Look at the names and you see patterns forming. Usernames are not genuine with most of them ending with numbers.

The final clue is simply observing the chat. Some of the cheaper view bot programmes don’t make chat messages so if the chat is empty, yet there are hundreds or thousands of viewers, there surely is something amiss. Equally, view bots are easily spotted because they repeat the messages if they are capable of participating in chat.

So the best thing to do when spotting a streamer that you suspect uses view bots, is to report it to Twitch via the button at the bottom right of the stream.

To know for sure if a channel is genuine and free of view bots, please refer to the excellent Casinogrounds website that lists a lot of the genuine streamers on their home page. A schedule of their forthcoming streams is shown on the right hand side for easy reference.

Off course, not all of the streamers are listed on Casinogrounds but it is not too difficult to spot the genuine ones if you take the above mentioned tips into consideration.

Happy casino viewing on Twitch!