Taking a very long break from playing slots

Well the time finally arrived when slot playing was not fun any longer so it is time to take a very long break from playing online slots.

Viewers of my streams may have  noticed that deposits were disappearing very fast. There were distinct lack of bonuses and game play was terrible. You accept when you make your deposit that it is considered lost, but in return you do expect the deposit to last.

It was the last straw that broke the camels back so to speak. As the slogan goes, if the fun stops, stop! and that is what I did.

I closed all of my casino accounts to stop the temptation to log in and try again.

I will definitely miss the streaming part of playing slots. I have very good memories of the many streams I broadcasted. I appreciate every viewer watching me play slots because you the viewer always have a choice of watching a number of channels. I felt very privileged having so many loyal viewers tuning in each time.

I also thank all of the kind viewers that put their hand in their pockets and made donations.

At the start, I really enjoyed playing slots. I was extremely lucky to hit almost £5,000 of winnings over a 3 weeks period playing Dead or Alive. I had good play time, big hits and a nice trip to Malta to boot courtesy of a competition win at Videoslots Casino.

But it went downhill at the start of this year. Lady luck disappeared and so did the previous mentioned winnings plus some.

Thankfully I recognised that if I continued to play it was going to go downhill very fast. I never exceeded the budget I set and only gambled away money that I could afford to lose. But just thinking about what that money could have bought was the final straw. I am left with good memories that will last a life time which I considered value for money at the point that I stopped donating more money to the casino so to speak. Streaming my slot play helped me gain those memories. I shared the ups and downs of playing slots which I hope my viewers appreciated.

This post also serves as a good reminder of the potential dangers of online gambling. You can easily get carried away. Please take note of the following tips:

• Don’t see gambling as a means to earn a living
• Always gamble with money that you can afford to lose
• Never chase losses
• Set a money limit
• Set a time limit
• Gamble only when you are in the right frame of mind
• Don’t have gambling as an exclusive hobby
• Gambling and alcohol- and drug use don’t mix

and if you want any further professional help, the following two organisations are a very good starting point (please click on the respective logos to go to their website):

Gamcare     Gambleaware

Will I be back to streaming again? Who knows what the future holds. If I am, you will hear it hear first!!!

Take care and be lucky on the slots!

6 thoughts on “Taking a very long break from playing slots

  1. I completely understand were you are coming from mate I was the same at first it was enjoyable for me but I started to up my bets to £25+ a spin and had to stop so I closed all my accounts also if I didn’t I know thing wold have got out of hand very very quickly I did this before and lost £35.000 in the space of 2 Months and took a break then for 2 years but at that time I didn’t close my accounts so the temptation was there I have now closed all my accounts permanently so there is no temptation there I have also put a Program on my Laptop and Phone Called GamBlock which stops all gambling sites it is a quiet expensive one of payment but worth it in the long run also GamCare are a brilliant organisation they really do help you. Stay Safe if you think things are getting to much Stop and close your accounts.

  2. Yes, I wholly agree with your post and I am glad to hear that you found a way to stop you gambling.

    Software such as you mentioned do play an important part in controlling it and organisations such as GamCare are there to assist.

  3. Damm, its a shame, you were my favourite streamer. I liked that you played low bets like i used to do. I played online slots for about two years, made one whithdraw the whole time for 10k and lost about 200k in total. I have tested every casino out there, they all have one thing in common, they suck. I urge everyone out there to stop waisting money on casino scam sites, they all are, no exceptions. And the one and only time I made a withdraw I was told by the casino that they would not pay me since my IP was in use on another table when I won 10k on another, i told them to go to hell and closed my account, a few days later they phoned me and told me that they found out that they had something wrong with their computer system and then sent me my money.

    • Thanks for your comments and your experience. I totally understand where you’re coming from and your comments just emphasise the potential dangers of online gambling. For your information, I am now back to streaming again having learned a lot from the break that I took. Please do join me in one of my streams if you can.

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