Three more sessions on Dead or Alive

Three more sessions at Videoslots and Unibet and the theme of recent posts continues.

The first of three sessions was played with the cashback money earned at Videoslots casino. A total of £26.98 was played through lasting 1,507 spins at £0.09 minimum bet. Bonus rounds were given at a lower than average rate of one every 188 spins. Nothing else to note as the below table shows:

The second session kicked off with a £25 deposit at Unibet casino. With a combination of £0.18 and £0.09 spins the money lasted a total of 1,727 spins with a total of just the 9 bonus rounds played through (one every 191 spins on average – very disappointing):

The final of the three sessions was, once again, at Videoslots. A £300 deposit was made and with just over £50 still to play with, a total of 5,400 spins at £0.45 and £0.27 bets were made. During this play, the slot gave out 36 bonus rounds (one every 150 spins on average) with two of them paying out decently as the below video clip shows. total RTP for this session was 88.6%

Off to play now with the remainder of the money topped up with some race money earned during last week’s play.

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