More Dead or Alive slot play – patience is the word

One deposit, two sessions that lasted a total of 10,915 spins during which 68 bonus rounds were played. End result was a bust with no wild line.

That is the quick summary that followed a deposit at Videoslots casino.

The first session lasted 3,695 spins during which 22 bonus rounds were given by the machine (one every 167 spins on average). The RTP for the session was 88.4% with just over £100 to be played through the following day plus race money earned during the previous week.

The second session lasted 7,178 spins during which 46 bonus rounds were played (one every 156 spins on average). Total RTP for this session was 93.8%.

The slot has not been playing ball since the last wild line win. It has now been 68,608 spins and a massive 427 bonus rounds!

Some cashback money dropped into my Videoslots account that will be played through in due course. It is about time that Dead or Alive comes alive again!

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