Three more session on Dead or Alive slot – over 10,000 spins

With the idea in mind that the slot surely is going to give soon, a substantial deposit was made at Videoslots casino that lasted 6,631 spins during which almost £1,800 was wagered through. During these spins a total of 39 bonus rounds were granted by the slot with the overall RTP for the session ending up at 82.9%. There were 3 bonus rounds that paid over 100x bet size. A bonus round was trigged every 170 spins on average which seems to be very close to my overall average for this game.

The second session was played with a smaller deposit, and therefore much smaller stakes, at Unibet casino. The session had an RTP of 86.6% with a total of 1,703 spins. During these spins, the bonus round was triggered 10 times with the best of the bunch captured on Bandicam. It returned 293x the bet size with plenty of wilds filling the screen:

The final of the three sessions was back at Videoslots casino, this time with no money to be deposited because of cash back that was earned during last week’s play. The £22.21 lasted a very respectable 2,392 spins with the balance at some point peaking at over £60 thanks to this wonderful bonus round that paid 501x the bet size of £0.09:

During this session a total of 17 bonus round were given by the slot (once every 140 spins on average) with the overall RTP sitting at 94.9%.

Now for some rather depression news. Since my last wild line that appears to have happened ages ago, a total of 57,693 spins have been made and 359 bonus rounds played through!!!

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