Dead or Alive slot – a new low

Played a couple more sessions last night and “not very good” is perhaps the correct polite term to use to sum them up.

The first of the two sessions was at Unibet casino where £25 was deposited. The session did not last very long – just the 743 spins returning just 66%. A disappointing 3 bonus rounds were handed out by the slot (one every 247 spins on average):

The second deposit was made at Casumo casino simply because there was a 50% match bonus meaning that the €25 instantly turned into €37.50. And a good thing that was too because the session wasn’t a very good one with bonus rounds very far and few between. As a matter of fact, it has now been 1,200 spins without a bonus round – a very new disappointing low since playing this slot!

Luck surely is going to turn soon?

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