Two more sessions on Dead or Alive slot – we’re still waiting…

The first of the two sessions was at Unibet casino were a 25% deposit match was on offer. A deposit of £25 therefore instantly turned into £31.25 play money. This lasted a total of 1,111 spins with very few bonus rounds – just the 4 meaning that they triggered every 277 spins on average. The total RTP for the session was 80.1%:

Second deposit was at Videoslots casino where £75 was played through via means of 2,627 spins with a total of 18 bonus rounds given by the slot (one every 145 spins on average). The total RTP for this session was just 77.6%:

Some cashback and race money earned at Videoslots will be played through today in the hope that it will trigger the wild line that – statistically speaking – must be due very soon, if not overdue already.

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