Dead or Alive session at Unibet on 8th September 2015

The last session before work calls was one at Unibet casino. A total of £25 was deposited.

Unlike previous sessions, all of the spins were made at £0.09 a go rather than starting higher and decreasing as the balance drops. The reason for this is to get as many spins in as cheap as possible to get to a total number of spins that gets closer to the slot giving a wild line.

Whilst this way of playing the machine is not guaranteed to result in the desired effect, it must be remembered that the more you play the slot the greater the chance of a big win. The key to being in profit is the amount you put in before that win comes. Anything less than the win and you’re in profit, anything more and you have reduced your losses.

The session lasted a disappointing 1,587 spins with just the 9 bonus rounds (one every 176 spins on average) that paid a paltry 21x bet on average. What this session kept going were the whiskey jars and sheriff badges wins.

Play statistics are as follows:

There will be no more play until Saturday when play will resume with free money. So far £5 earned via Videoslot’s weekly race, cashback money to come this Friday from Videoslots too and lastly any winnings from the 25 free spins on Starburst and the 55 free spins on Dead or Alive at Guts casino.

Out of interest, since the last mega win on this slot, a total of 12,175 spins have been made with a total of 70 bonus rounds. Is it time for a big win during the next session or two?

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