Dead or Alive session at Casino Room – revenge of the slot

As per the previous post, a £75 deposit was made. Not at Videoslots this time but at Casinoroom instead. Why not Videoslots? I set a deposit limit at the casino to test whether this facility works. It certainly does because it prevented me from making the deposit because it exceeded the weekly allowance of £25 that I set.

As per the title of this topic, Dead or Alive took revenge by means of taking money given back rather quickly. A very poor RTP of just the 71.2% resulted in the money lasting just the 1,603 spins. And that is after the stake was lowered to £0.09 once the money started to go down to £18.

Bonus rounds were also very far and few between. A total of 8 were given by the slot (once every 200 spins on average) and they paid a very poor 16x bet on average. Even the paying picture symbols on a winning line during normal play were like gold dust – just the two during the session with the cowboy hats being the biggest payer.

Despite me saying in the last post that things could only get better, well they certainly didn’t as the play statistics demonstrate:

Perhaps you are more lucky than me playing at the excellent Casinoroom:

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