Dead or Alive slot play at Slots Magic and Unibet casinos

Two small deposits for the day.

The first of the two deposits was £5 at Slots Magic casino. This casino has been very unlucky for me in the past, hence depositing only a very small amount of money. As per previous play at this casino, the session didn’t last very long. At £0.09 a spin, just the 201 spins were given by the slot. Total RTP for this very short but not so sweet session was a disappointing 72.7%.

Statistics for the Slots Magic session:

A few clicks with the mouse later, and Unibet casino was loaded into the web browser where I took advantage of a 25% deposit bonus. £25 was deposited that turned – like magic – into £31.25.  There was wagering requirement attached to this deposit bonus, but this was cleared pretty quick.

The Unibet session lasted a little longer than the disappointing one at Slots Magic. A total of 1,630 spins were played with 9 bonus rounds (one every 181 spins on average). The bonus rounds played an average of just 18x bet. Total RTP for the session was 84.3%.

Play statistics:

Since the last mega win yesterday, a total of 3,701 spins have been made with 17 features awarded by the slot. This is a disappointing  feature every 217 spins on average. The only good thing about this snippet of information is that things can only get better.

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