Mammoth Dead or Alive session at Videoslots on 28th August 2015

Though I usually play at no more than £0.27 per spin and making relatively low deposits, given that it had been a while since I had the extra 5 spins (and therefore the chance of a wild line) during the bonus round, I thought it wise to deposit £300 at Videoslots casino and play at £0.45 a spin.

What I didn’t expect was such a long session. From deposit to having a balance of £41.18, I played a total of some 16 hours at £0.45 a spin. During all of that time, a total of 8,030 spins were made and the bonus round triggered a total of 57 times. During this mammoth session, the balance peaked at just £326 – not enough to justify a withdrawal. The total Return To Player was a massive 92.8% – very close to the machines theoretical RTP of 96.8%.

However, what didn’t happen was a decent win to warrant a cash out. And despite all of those bonus rounds, no extra spins were given during the free spin rounds.

Having a balance left of £41.18, I spent £32.18 on Raging Rhino that, as per the previous post, has just been added at Videoslots Casino. That money didn’t last long at all – just 200 spins without any bonus round.

The remaining balance of £9 plus a £7.50 win on Raging Rhino as a result of 15 free spins gifted by the casino, was “invested” in playing yet another session of Dead or Alive.

The £16.50 lasted a reasonable 1,825 spins and 10 bonus rounds at £0.09 a spin. The RTP for this session was a, once again, reasonable 90% on the nose.

Since the last 5 wild line win, a total of 26,486 spins have been made and a total of 170 bonus rounds played. Considering that a wild line happens approximately every 135 bonus rounds or so, statistically speaking I am due a big win soon.

With that in mind, I will chance my luck and deposit another £300 at Videoslots… an update concerning this upcoming session will follow in due course.

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