Dead or Alive play on 27th August 2015

So far, today, two sessions at the Netent slot Dead or Alive.

The first of the two sessions was a freebie because I played with race money that I earned at Videoslots casino. A total of £14.03 was played through and it was one of my worst sessions on this slot for a very long time. Just the one bonus round that paid a pitiful 10x bet and the money lasted just the 371 spins. Total RTP for this session was just 58.2%:

Not that it makes, or rather should make any difference, but a hasty change of casino was needed. A few clicks later on the internet browser and £25 was deposited at Unibet casino in the hope that there would be a win or at least some decent play time.

The Unibet session was much better, helped by one bonus round paying 186x bet. Talking about bonus rounds, they were – again – very far and few between. On average the bonus round was triggered once every 329 spins paying an average of 57x bet. The money lasted a total of 1,647 spins:

Since the last 5 wild line mega win, the slot has spun 15,104 times for me during which 90 bonus rounds were triggered. People have gone through the effort of collating statistics over millions of spins, and it is said that the wild line is given every 135  rounds or so.

I am still awaiting the 5 scatter win (2,500x bet) during normal play. If that is ever going to happen is to be seen.

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