Dead or Alive session at Betat Casino on 23rd August 2015

Despite the last post saying the Netent slot Dead or Alive will not be played for another 4 days or so, an email from Betat Casino dropped into my email box. It was then I noticed that I hadn’t played at the Casino for a while. If only that email never arrived, I would have been £25 better off.

The session started really well. The very 1st spin resulted in a bonus round that paid 33x the bet size of £0.09. By the 50th spin, the slot was generous enough to give me a total of 4 bonus rounds! At the end of 100 spins, I was up £10.34. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have cashed out there and then, but when the slot plays like this, you feel inclined to keep playing.

Needless to say, things went slowly but gradually wrong from there. The money lasted a total of 1,714 spins with a total of 15 bonus rounds played that paid an average of 24x bet. Basic maths tells us the bonus round was triggered every 114 spins, which is not too shabby and well under my current average of a bonus round every 160 spins since I started to keep detailed play statistics.

The casino until the end of August 2015 has a summer contest on the Casinomeister website. Each member of Casinomeister can enter the competition when playing at Betat casino and is in with a chance of some serious money if you’re lucky enough to get a high paying win. To join the excellent Casinomeister forum, please click here.

Back to the latest session, this is how it progressed:

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