Dead or Alive slot play – who pressed the off button?

A £25 deposit at Unibet casino resulted in one hell of a roller coaster session with it feeling like somebody pressed the off button towards the end of the session.

The slot was on fire for the first 1,520 spins with a feature trigged on average every 95 spins. During these spins, 7 pictures on a winning line were also given by the slot, including the lucrative gun belts. At that point in time, my balance was were it started at £25.54.

And then it happened. It is like someone thought “enough is enough” and pressed the off button  because it went downhill from there very fast. Another 583 spins later and it was good night Vienna so to speak. The balance was down to £0 with no features or significant wins during normal play. I have never experienced that before, from win to bust so quickly.

The overall session was average with an RTP of 86.8% and a feature every 131 on average. The feature paid an average of 25x the bet.

Online slot machines are not supposed to have a memory. Each spin is independent from another and previous play is not supposed to be taken into account. It is supposed to be truly random, just like rolling dice is. Although I am a firm believer of this, it did cross my mind during those last 583 spins whether this is the case or not. It truly felt like the machine had enough from the giving and that it was time to take back – very quickly.

At some point, I thought of giving up and playing a little later when the machine is in a giving mood again. But I decided against this, because if the machine is genuinely random, it doesn’t have a hot and cold spell. Reality, though, feels different at times.

What this session does confirm though is the high variance of the machine. From win to bust in just 583 spins is what I would call a nightmare session with an RTP of just 52.4%. You can’t almost get worse than that.

Anyway, this is how the session progressed:

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