Dead or Alive session at Videoslots on 22nd August 2015

A £75 deposit was made at Videoslots casino to be played on the Netent slot Dead or Alive. The usual strategy was applied – start off with £0.27 a spin, drop to £0.18 a spin when the money goes down to £36 and finally drop to £0.09 a spin when the balance hits £18. This system ensures at least 200 spins on each of the remaining balances.

The session didn’t go too bad resulting in 2,320 spins with a RTP of 82.9%. A total of 15 bonus rounds were awarded that paid an average of 28x the stake. The bonus rounds were triggered every 154 spins on average.

Since the last big 5 wild line win, a total of 11,372 spins have been made with the bonus rounds awarded 69 times. £125 has been invested since the last big win, so let’s see what the return is once the next big win comes in. This £125 does not include any cash back money received or money earned during the Videoslots race. It basically only includes money that went out of my bank account.

The session statistics for the last round of spins is as follows:

 The next session of Dead or Alive play will not be for another 4 days or so. Work is calling and it is now time to give slot play a rest until then.

The starting point next session will be monies received from Videoslots earned because of cash back and the weekly casino race.

You too can earn this money by playing at Videoslots. They have a great welcome offer currently of £10 free money, a 100% first deposit bonus match and 11 free spins on the Netent game Starburst.

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