Dead or Alive slot session on 20th August 2015

As previously posted, Videoslots hosts a weekly slot race where each spin over £0.20 is entered into a weekly race. I managed to earn £20 from last week’s play which, added to some odd pennies sitting in the account, resulted in £20.04 worth of play on the Dead or Alive slot.

It was a very poor session with total Return to Player sitting at just 70.1%. This just shows the high variance of this game. You are going to have sessions such as these once in a while before the slot recovers and gives you back some money that has been put through.

With just the 4 bonus rounds during the 744 spins (once every 186 spins on average) and these paying just 25x stake on average and just the 1 winning line of pictures during normal play, the session was over relatively quickly.

Because the money was effectively free (I could have cashed the £20, I guess), I didn’t mind this losing session. It was another 744 opportunities to hit the big one which this slot is very capable of doing. The very next spin, if funds allowed, could have been the 5 scatters paying 2,500x bet or a wild line during the bonus round paying in excess of 6,000x bet.

Play statistics for the session:

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