Dead or Alive slot session on 19th August 2015

I carried on from the balance of the previous post (£25.41) starting off at £0.18 a spin. After some 140 spins with the money draining quickly, I switched to £0.09 a spin. The machine played different with good play time.

After some 940 spins in this session and 18,602 spins since the last time, the bonus round finally generated an extra 5 spins because there was at least 1 wild symbol on each of the 5 reels of the slot. Unfortunately, these extra spins didn’t generate the desired wild line (5 wilds on a pay line) and the pay out was a relatively paltry 94x stake.

Overall the stake of £25,41 played a total of 2,114 spins with a total of 11 bonus rounds (once every 192 spins on average) that paid on average 31x stake. The balance never went above the initial stake money. Five of a kind picture symbols on a winning line kept the play ticking over nicely as the below mentioned table shows:

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