Dead or Alive slot – play history

I admit that I do like playing the Netent slot Dead or Alive. It has massive potential for great wins (well over 6,000 x stake!) but at the same time it is also quite highly volatile. If the slot is not in the mood, it drains your bank balance very quickly.

On forums elsewhere, you see screen shots posted of players appearing to win big time on a very regular basis. Whilst there is no doubt that these screen shots are real enough, the poster rarely lets the reader know how much money was invested in order to get that big win.

I have been very lucky with this slot because when I first started playing I had 3 very big wins at stakes of £0.45 and £0.54 per spin. Ever since, I have started to keep records of my play to see how this slot really plays for the average player that is not lucky enough to win big style during their first few spins.

The below graphic shows some statistics:


Since keeping these records, it tells us that a total of 14,747 spins were made. The feature round (where the big money sits!) was trigged 94 times, or on average every 157 spins. Return To Player sits at 88.4% with an overall actual loss of £438.35.

If anything, treat this slot with caution. You’ll need a big bank roll in order to be one of the lucky ones getting that mega win.

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