Videoslots Casino presents My RTP

Videoslots Casino My RTPVideoslots Casino just presented a new excellent feature, called My RTP.

This new feature allows the player to have detailed statistics on their play at the casino and work out the Return to Player (RTP) not only for each slot but also for particular sessions over a period of time.

The statistics are available once logged in under the profile section of the account. By simply clicking the “My RTP” link, you will be immediately presented with some super handy statistics. My front page looks as follows:

Slotplayer RTP at Videoslots Casino

You can instantly see that my overall RTP at the casino sits at a very respectable 96.5% with the worst performing game being Rainbow Ryan and the best performing game being Kingdom of Titans.

You can drill into any particular slot, let’s say Bonanza, and you will be immediately presented with statistics how the slot has been performing for you. My statistics this year look as follows:

Bonanza Slot Stats for Slotplayer at Videoslots

A total of 29,548 spins were made with the biggest win being £400 off a £1 spin. The game has been pretty brutal for me though with a personal RTP of 89.16% compared to the games RTP of 96%.

Statistics go back as far as July 2017 and are updated immediately once you leave a slot. The statistics equal, and arguablly are better than, those of Slottracker. All that is missing are the community statistics so that you can compare your performance against others.

So there you have it, yet another good reason to join Videoslots Casino! You can not only now track your RTP, you earn wager free cashback, get ingame rewards as you spin the slots, participate in the free roll battles and earn race points as you make a spin over £0.20 that enters you in to the race for yet more wager free cash back. Add to that the largest selection of games available at any casino, and there really is no other place to play your slots.

If you haven’t got an account yet with Videoslots, then sign up today and enjoy a welcome bonus of a 100% deposit match of up to £400 plus and extra 161 spins on Starburst on your first deposit of at least £20. Favourable terms- and conditions do apply, so make sure you make yourself familiar with these.

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Videoslots Sit and Go Flux battles this weekend 24th and 25 March 2018

Videoslots Sit and Go Flux BattlesThe excellent Videoslots casino is once again giving their players the opportunity to win some free spins and a smart home control system this weekend during their sit and go Flux battles.

The free roll battles will commence at midnight Saturday 24th March 2018 and run continuously until 23:59 hrs on Sunday 25th March 2018. That is two solid days of the opportunity to win wager free spins and the chance to be the proud owner of a smart home control system or the equivalent value in cash that can be withdrawn straight away.

There will be 10 and 30 place battles with each of them requiring the player to play 25 spins on the Thunderkick game Flux. Top places will win wager free spins as follows:

Position10 battle30 battle
16 spins6 spins
25 spins6 spins
34 spins6 spins
4---5 spins
5---5 spins
6---5 spins
7---4 spins
8---4 spins
9---4 spins

But there is more, because the more battles that you play the greater the chance of winning the smart home control system. Each battle played will earn you one ticket with a draw held at the conclusion of this great weekend promotion.

In order to participate, you will need to have deposited a total of €20 and wagered a total of  €200 between the 22nd February and the commencement of the battles.

So it is not too late to join up at Videoslots casino by click the below button and participate in some battles with the other players with the chance of wager free spins or a smart home control system.

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Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 19th March 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleAfter what turned out to be one of my best weeks in terms of winnings, I am expecting a rough ride on the slots as follows for the week:

  • Monday 19th March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Tuesday 20th March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Wednesday 21st March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Thursday 22nd March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Friday 23rd March from 08:30 until 12:00

With 5 streams for the week, there is plenty of opportunity for winning and losing spins on my favourite casinos Winning Room, Videoslots and Betat.

Starting balances of each of the streams varies depending on whether I play with out without deposit match bonus and, as always, I am more than happy to take slots requests from my new as well as loyal viewers.

One of the sessions will be a low rolling £100 start on my favourite slot Bonanza. Playing at just £0.20 a spin, the money usually lasts a very long time with plenty of bonuses to enjoy!

You can watch my stream on either Twitch or Youtube and until then, let the slots be lucky for you!

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 12th March 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleWe have the delights of 3 streams for the week that can be watched on either my Youtube or Twitch channel as follows:

  • Tuesday 13th March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Wednesday 14th March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Thursday 15th March from 08:30 until 12:00

The week will kick off with a raw deposit at the excellent Betat Casino. No worries about beating the wagering, just pure fun slot play with hopefully a nice withdrawal at the end of the stream. Hopefully the Big Time Gaming slots are back up and running again, so that Bonanza can be played again for a few spins.

On Wednesday we will continue our search for a win at Winning Room Casino. Viewers by now will be familiar with the starting point of a deposit plus 100% match bonus with a wagering challenge of 70x the bonus! Mission impossible? Well, we did it once so let’s try it again.

The final stream of the week will feature Videoslots Casino. A raw deposit will be used to play games by mainly Novomatic, WMS and Merkur. Playing these kind of slots usually results in either a quick bust or a happy withdrawal ending. For that reason, don’t be surprised if the stream doesn’t quite last the planned 3.5 hours.

Remember to check out my streaming schedule on the Casinogrounds website. Amongst my channel you will find the schedule of popular streamers such as Slotspinner, Nickslots, Letsgiveitaspin, David Labowsky, Casinoreggie, Huggehugg and Supersmask.

Until Tuesday, may the slots be lucky for you!

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 5th March 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleHopefully lady luck is going to return and is going to wave her magic lucky wand over the following streams next week:

  • Monday 5th March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Tuesday 6th March from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Wednesday 7th March from 08:30 until 12:00

Times, as always, are UK times with the finishing time of the stream very much depending on how the session is going. The live stream can be watched on either my Twitch or Youtube channel.

We will kick the week of with a deposit match bonus of £200 at Betat Casino. The deposit match bonus is the second chance / parachute one type with wagering of 40x the bonus commencing if we are unlucky enough to hit the bonus funds. If we are lucky not to hit bonus funds and win big with the cash balance, we can of course forfeit the bonus and make a nice welcome withdrawal.

Tuesday will see us playing at Videoslots casino with a raw deposit. No worries about wagering and it gives us an opportunity to play slots not provided by the other casinos that I play at. We’re talking about slots made by Novomatic, Yggdrasil and Merkur in particular.

The final stream of the week will be at Winning Room Casino. Just likes Monday’s stream, there will be a 100% deposit match bonus that is rather more challenging as wagering is a massive 70x the bonus funds. I only managed to clear this once, so here is hoping that “mission impossible” can be achieved one more time. And just like the bonus on Betat Casino, we can of course forfeit the bonus if we hit big with the cash balance. That is the beauty of the parachute bonus!

Until Monday, may the slots be lucky for you!

Introducing a new casino – Betat Casino

Betat CasinoI am really proud to introduce an excellent casino for my loyal readers as well as my loyal viewers on both Twitch and Youtube.

Betat Casino is located in Malta and run by the parent company NRR Entertainment that has gambling licenses in both Malta and the United Kingdom. It ensures that all of the many games that are available have been fully tested for authenticity. It furthermore ensures that your funds are always safe and that if you’re lucky enough to be in a position to make a withdrawal, the funds eventually arrive into your bank account.

There is a very wide variety of games available from providers such as Microgaming, Netent, Big Time Gaming, Leander Games, 1×2 Gaming, Elk Studios and many more. The casino has promised to add further games in due course. You will certainly not get bored trying out the wide offering just now.

For new sign ups, there is an attractive welcome offer available of a 100% deposit match bonus up to £500 plus 50 extra spins on Starburst. Wagering on the welcome bonus is a very competitive 30x the bonus. Not only is this low, it is a so called “parachute” bonus, meaning that you can withdraw your cash balance and forfeit the bonus providing you haven’t touched the bonus funds. Wagering on the extra spins is also a very reasonable 30x the winnings from them. Please make that sure that you read all of the terms and conditions because some exclusions and restrictions apply.

Betat Casino is going to feature quite a lot on my streams and I look forward to making it one of my more regular playing joints.

Join me at Betat Casino:

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Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 26th February 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleTwo streams lined up as follows:

  • Monday 26th February from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Tuesday 27th February from 08:30 until 12:00

As always, all times quoted are UK times with the finishing time depending on how the session is going. It may be cut short in case of funds running out or it may be a little longer if the slots are behaving good.

Those that watched my streams last week, will have seen the “mission impossible” task of clearing the £21k wagering with just a £300 starting balance. At the end of the mammoth challenge, the balance read a very good £950 that was withdrawn immediately upon clearance of the wagering. Will I ever achieve this again? Who knows but one thing for sure – I will give it a good old try once again.

Our first stream next week will kick off at Winning Room casino with the second stream being played at Videoslots Casino.

Remember to follow me on Twitch or subscribe to my Youtube channel to make sure you get notified as soon as I go live. It has been known for big wins to happen right at the start, and you don’t want to miss those for sure.

Until next week, may the slots be lucky for you!

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 19th February 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleWe will continue with our wagering challenge at Winning Room casino during the first of our two streams of the week. The schedule is looking as follows:

  • Monday 19th February from 08:30 until 12:00
  • Saturday 24th February from 13:00 until 19:00

The starting balance on Monday will be a very healthy £1,000 with just £9,000 wagering left of the mammoth £21,000 wagering that commenced this week with a £300 deposit matched by the casino by another £300. There were no “Youtube moments” to share during this journey, just steady wins on a variety of slots!

Hopefully the wagering will be completed on Monday. If not, we will just steadily plough away on the Saturday. As soon as the wagering has been completed or if we are unlucky and fail to complete it, we will be switching scene to Videoslots casino where we will be playing with a raw deposit.

My streams can be watched on both Youtube and Twitch with a friendly chat (including the resident troll on Youtube!!!) for you to participate in. Slot requests are most of the time accommodated and I don’t make any apologies for the blue language from time to time – it is an adult channel after all!

Until next week, may the slots be lucky for you.

Slotplayer streaming schedule for week commencing 12th February 2018

Slotplayer Streaming ScheduleAnother week where we shall try our luck on the slots. Unfortunately due to work commitments there will be just the two streams as follows:

  • Friday 16th February from 0830 until 1200
  • Saturday 17th February from 1300 until 2000

As always, all times quoted are UK times with the finish time very much depending on how the session is going. I will always try not to re-deposit so once the money is gone it is gone!

Play will be at Winning Room casino to start off with. A 100% deposit match bonus will be credited to the account with wagering duly starting when bonus funds are hit. Of course, if I hit before touching these bonus funds, then I can forfeit the bonus and withdraw the cash. That is the beauty of such “parachute” or “second chance” bonuses. Mind you, the wagering is quite challenging though!

Because of a dispute at Videoslots Casino, I am not sure whether I will still be playing there. To briefly explain, they are now requesting source of wealth documents. This kind of document is required to be provided if they have suspicion of money laundering. It appears that Videoslots may have misinterpreted the respective European Act and/or misinterpreted the guidance given by the UKGC because they are asking such documents from all of their UK customers. Until this issue has been resolved, they have blocked all deposit and withdrawal options from my account.

Until next week, may the slots be lucky for you!

Introducing Gamban – online gambling blocker software

GambanWe are all aware that playing slots or any form of gambling may lead to financial and other problems if it is not properly controlled.

The following may indicate signs of problem gambling:

  • Spending more time and/or money than that you can afford
  • Finding it difficult to stop gambling
  • Losing interest in other hobbies / having gambling as your exclusive hobby
  • Lying about your gambling to friends and family
  • Chasing losses
  • Borrowing money to fund gambling

The above list is not exhaustive and, of course, because somebody has one or two of the above mentioned behaviours, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are indeed a person that is a problem gambler.

Problem gamblers need all the help that they can get. Problem gambling can ruin a persons life. Organisations such as Gamcare are excellent to get such help.

But there is much more that can be done. Having access to online casinos is not going to help the problem gambler. There are tools available that block access to such material and one of these is a piece of software called Gamban. Gamban is a pay-ware solution that aims to block all online casinos.

Of course,watching any gambling material on Youtube, Twitch or any other social media site is not recommended and should be avoided at all times. It doesn’t really matter whether such material is backed by an affiliate or not. At the end of the day, watching people gamble could be the trigger for the problem gambler to make that deposit that they can ill afford to lose.

Gamban is not expensive to purchase at just £10 per computer per year.

If you are not able to afford a license for Gamban, then I am more than happy to purchase one for you. As a responsible streamer I do recognise that problem gambling exists and I do not particularly want to refer these problem gamblers to a casino.

However, I can not stop this; so if this software stops the access to the casino that I am promoting, it is a great step forward. Ideally I would like software such as Gamban to block my streaming channels but at this point in time this is unfortunately not possible.

Of course, I will not “willy nilly” buy licenses so if you genuinely are interested in this piece of software and can not afford it, then please get in touch with me.